1-DB Goddess Review

1-DB Goddess is a diet pill formulated specifically for women.

There aren’t many products that are designed specifically for women, but some, such as Phytodren, are still effective.

However, 1-DB Goddes can cause you to see an increase in your metabolism, which may be able to help you lose weight faster than ever before.  

It makes sense that women would want to use a different diet pill than men. Men’s metabolisms naturally work faster than women’s so finding a diet pill that boosts metabolism is helpful for women who are looking to lose weight more effectively.

What’s In 1-DB Goddess?

This is a partial list of the ingredients in 1-DB Goddess:

• Niacin-an essential nutrient that helps cholesterol levels
• DMAE-increases metabolism
• Choline-boosts metabolism
• Green tea and Caffeine-stimulants that boost metabolism and energy
• Evodiamine-raises core temperature
• Green coffee bean extract-provides energy
• Synephrine-thermogenic effect
• Forslean-increases lean body mass

Many of these ingredient have an impact on weight loss.  Synephrine, for example, is a common ingredient in diet pills and it can act as an appetite suppressant. It may also be able to increase your metabolism so that you can easily lose weight and keep that weight off.  

Other ingredients like green tea and caffeine can help you to see an increase in your metabolism as well, but in order to get good energy from ingredients like these you need them to be included in the proven amounts.  For example, you need at least 400 mg of caffeine to see an increase in your metabolism.  

The problem with 1-DB Goddess is that they use a proprietary blend, so it’s impossible to know if they have included the proven amounts of any of these ingredients.

Is 1-DB Goddess Safe?

With all the stimulants in 1-DB Goddess, you may be able to see a decrease in your weight but you are also going to experience quite a few side effects.  1-DB Goddess has been known to cause problems such as jitteriness, insomnia, anxiety, nausea, headaches, diarrhea, increased heart rate, and nervousness.

Sometimes people experience additional problems such as an increased heart rate or heart palpitations. If you notice these or increased blood pressure then you should stop using this weight loss supplement.

1-DB Goddess Price and Guarantee

You can buy 1-DB Goddess from the official website for $89.99.  It’s a lot to spend on a diet pill, particularly if you are not going to be getting the best and most effective product. 1-DB Goddess has no satisfaction guarantee that has been advertised by the company.

Is 1-DB Goddess Right for You?

There are definitely some ingredients in 1-DB Goddess that could help you to lose weight, but the proprietary blend may not be able to give you the lasting and complete results that you were expecting.  

When you use 1-DB Goddess you have to anticipate numerous side effects and gauge whether or not these are worth the potential results you could experience. It may be better to look into Phytodren as it provides a powerful and safe formula.

Though it is not designed specifically for women, it has helped many women to lose weight in the past and could help you too.

To learn more, visit the official website at Phytodren.com!

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