7 Keto Review

7 Keto is a naturally occurring metabolite and an important ingredient in an effective diet pill. What makes 7 Keto special is the solid scientific evidence backing its claims.

Its benefits, as observed in both animal and human testing, are far-reaching when compared to many active ingredients in dietary supplements. The presence of this compound in the human body helps to metabolize fatty acids, turning them into energy. This means you turn unwanted fat into new energy!

Our bodies naturally produce good levels of 7 Keto until our mid-20’s. These levels start to decrease around the age of 30 and this directly results in weight gain for many people. Adding the ingredient 7 Keto to your supplement program has been proven to have a powerful effect in promoting weight loss.

The decline of 7 Keto also damages the immune system and should be taken to improve health with age. It especially targets toxins in the liver by activating enzymes to break down these harmful toxins, which would otherwise linger inside your body. In tests involving monkeys infected with HIV, 7 Keto significantly boosted the T-cell count in the variable group and lead to improved mood and behavior in the animals.

7 Keto in the Dieting Industry

Experimentation with 7 Keto, performed by Current Therapeutic Research, proved its dramatic ability to boost thermogenic-enhancing enzymes.

Over an eight-week period, two groups of overweight adults were put on daily 1800-calorie diets and participated in 50 minutes of exercise three times a week. One group received 200mg of 7 Keto per day, while the other group took a placebo.

The results show that the group receiving 7 Keto lost twice as much weight as the control group and over three times as much body fat. Wow! The intense effect of this ingredient may require regular exercise and a good diet to be fully realized, but it is obviously is worth it.

You can lose over three times the amount of body fat if you incorporate this amazing ingredient into your weight-loss program. And that is just over an eight-week period! After 16 weeks, you could burn six times the body fat than if you do not take 7 Keto.

Is 7 Keto Dangerous?

More good news is that 7 Keto has been found to be very safe! It is commonly recognized as the safe version of DHEA, which has been shown to leave behind unhealthy levels of sex hormones in humans. 7 Keto accomplishes all that DHEA does, but without the potentially harmful side effects.

As opposed to caffeine and ephedrine, 7 Keto will not stimulate the central nervous system, effect heart rate, or blood pressure – making it accessible for a larger percentage of the population. In one clinical trial, a human test subject took eight times the recommended dosage of 7 Keto for a 28-day period and saw no harmful side effects.

With so many well-hyped ingredients for weight loss it can be very hard to be confident about making the right choice. It is apparent in the extensive testing that shows real results that 7 Keto can really put you ahead of the game. Based on the testing that has shown it to be very safe, it is sure to be a no-risk, everything-to-gain, all-the-weight-to-lose option for your diet program! I highly recommend it!

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