Advantra-Z is made from Chinese herb called bitter orange and its active compound is known as citrus aurantium. It emerged onto the market after the FDA banned the weight-loss supplement known as ephedra, formerly known as the most effective weight loss ingredient. Researchers began testing for a safer substitute and after years of studies, Advantra-Z proved actually to be superior in both safety and function to ephedra. However, the positive health benefits derived from the bitter orange were first noticed in ancient China. The Chinese employed its physiological benefits in the treatment of stomach pains, constipation, and even insomnia. Like ephedra, Advantra-Z acts on the body by promoting the burning of fat cells. This process, known as thermogenesis, burns fat cells and results in increased energy. Increased energy means an easier workout for the consumer, making it easier for you to lose weight! It is a great supplement for athletes and increases lean muscle in the body by breaking down fatty compounds into solitary cells, which are then burned for energy instead of the lean muscle mass that would be otherwise burned for energy.

Is it safe?

Advantra-Z is a naturally occurring ingredient and has been in use by humans for centuries. Unlike ephedra – which can include side effects of elevated blood pressure, muscle disturbances, insomnia, dry mouth, heart palpitations, and nervousness – Advantra-Z targets only beta-3 receptors of cells. These beta-3 receptors are directly responsible for increasing the rate of fat release from body stores. Ephedra triggers beta-1, 2, and 3 receptors, resulting in over-stimulation of the nervous system and increased blood pressure from constriction of the arteries. The long history of human consumption of the bitter orange without harmful side effects shows that Advantra-Z is a safe weight loss supplement. More recent data from clinical studies of its physiological effects supports the idea that Advantra-Z is the safest and the most effective thermogenesis stimulator on the market.

Clinical Studies

First patented in 1997, Advantra-Z has been well known to the diet pill community and has undergone more than its fair share of scrutinizing. Maintaining a presence as an effective weight loss supplement ingredient for 13 years in the market shows that it really works and that it is safe to use. Most recently, the McGill Nutrition and Food Science Center as well as the Georgetown University Medical Center have compared Advantra-Z to other lipolysis and thermogenesis inducing agents and these studies confirm that Advantra-Z rises to the top of the list in both safety and effectiveness. The results can vary from person to person and the most intense effects were exhibited on subjects who included regular exercise and a low-calorie diet in their weight loss program. Successful experiments resulted in subjects with enhanced muscle tone, increased energy, and decreased body fat. The fact that it does not affect heart rate or blood pressure immediately makes it stand out among most weight loss substances.

Ancient, All-natural, Amazing!

Even the ancient Chinese knew the secrets behind Advantra-Z. I highly recommend Advantra-Z for any successful weight loss program. It is a natural substance that will boost your energy level and give you the results you have been looking for!

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