NitroVarin Advanced Fat Burning Drops Review

NitroVarin Advanced Fat Burning Drops are liquid diet pills that are claimed by Novex Biotech (the maker) to reduce body fat by 14.6%, according to a study that they don’t actually cite.  

Like other Novex products, NitroVarin is marketed toward the bodybuilding community as a way of shedding those extra few pounds.  Big claims like these are worth looking into, because you either get a diet pill that offers amazing results – or you’ve just exposed an expensive placebo for what it really is.

The question is, which category does Nitrovarin Advanced Fat Burning Drops fall into?

Inside NitroVarin Advanced Fat Burning Drops

Here’s what we found in NitroVarin:

One dose: 1 ml containing –

• Niacin (as nicotinic acid) 45.00 mg

and a Proprietary Blend Containing: 261.00 mg
• D-Ribose
• Caffeine
• Green Tea (leaf) Extract
• Cissus quadrangularis Extract

Each dose contains 100 mg of caffeine, which is as much as a cup of coffee. Two in one day will be a pretty strong dose if you’re sensitive to caffeine but it will do a lot to temporarily boost your metabolism. But you can get caffeine anywhere, so what’s so special about NitroVarin? 

Well, according to a 10-week study done on 48 obese people, the group that took the active compound [their special blend] “showed an average of 14.6% body fat lost and an average of 19.4 pounds lost without any major changes in diet or exercise.”  While they don’t cite the study, those kinds of results are impressive. They almost sound too good to be true for any diet pill, except when you figure that’s only 2 pounds per week.

After checking into each ingredient, there is some evidence to suggest they work well together but caffeine appears to be the only one that could produce weight loss (similar results have been achieved with caffeine along). Also, while niacin is thought to boost metabolism, there is really only evidence that a deficiency of it causes a slow metabolism. Furthermore, this dose is higher than what is recommended for anyone (and they’re suggesting to take two per day??).


Niacin in high levels (as in NitroVarin) can cause temporary skin flushing, redness or itching.  If you are sensitive to caffeine you may experience nervousness, irritability, sleeplessness or possibly rapid heartbeat.

NitroVarin Advanced Fat Burning Drops Policies

NitroVarin does come with a very good return policy.  If you’re not satisfied with the results within 30 days, you can return one empty bottle for a refund, less shipping and handling. 60 days would be better in order to really gauge the long-term results, but it’s always good to see a satisfaction guarantee.

NitroVarin Advanced Fat Burning Drops Lowest Price

The company sells NitroVarin Advanted Fat Burnings drops for $60 per bottle. Each bottle lasts, assuming you take it as directed, for 15 days.  This is extremely pricey for what’s actually in it, but at least you have a satisfaction guarantee to fall back on.

Do NitroVarin Advanced Fat Burning Drops Work?

Well, that’s the big question now isn’t it?

If you take the un-cited study as the absolute best-case scenario for NitroVarin Advanced Fat Burning Drops and you figure that this was over the course of 10 weeks, then you’re looking at a 1.5% body fat reduction and a loss of almost 2 pounds per week.  

Each bottle of NitroVarin is supposed to last about 2 weeks, so you may at best expect 4 pounds lost and a reduction of 3% body fat (which doesn’t really make sense if you think about it). While that’s a good scenario, you’d be paying over $15 per pound. The results are feasible, but you’ll pay through the nose for them with NitroVarin.

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