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When the QuickTrim diet pills made their debut on the weight loss market, they excited quite a bit of attention. This wasn’t due to a revolutionary formula or solid customer testimonials, but to a powerful celebrity endorsement—the Kardashian sisters.

Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney have gained fame from the hit reality series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” but also through their well-documented struggles with weight. Because of this, many people figured a product endorsed by the Kardashians would be both effective and quick-acting.

However, when people started flocking to QuickTrim, they noticed something distressing—it didn’t work. QuickTrim products use a combination of antioxidants and very few traces of actual fat burners, with nothing in their proper amounts.

This discrepancy led many to question whether the Kardashians have even used QuickTrim products, or were just being paid to say they had.

How Celebrity Endorsements Work

Believe it or not, there are not many celebrities who regularly use the diet pills they endorse. However, they get paid a lot of money to be the face (and body) of a diet pill, but don’t necessarily have to use the product to get their money, so it’s impossible be sure.

It seems like every time you go to the grocery store, the magazines are full of articles about celebrities that have gained weight or other people that have lost significant amounts of weight. Other magazines advertise that they have the diet plan that can help you lose 20 pounds in a month while you continue eating the same foods you have before.

Other diet pills make claims that they are used by celebrities. Many of these diet pills don’t disclose exactly which celebrities are using their products, which again raises the same questions of whether or not they are effective at promoting weight loss.

For example, Alli claims that they are one of the favorite diet pills of celebrities, and yet there haven’t been many celebrities that have reported using this diet pill or who have admitted to the side effects that are so common with Alli. One who has is Wynonna Judd, though she never did appear on Oprah as scheduled to discuss her weight loss because she did not lose significant weight.

Another offender in this way is Hydroxycut. Hydroxycut spends a lot of money to pay for endorsements and we all know that their products are some of the least effective on the market. They have been shown to be dangerous and have not produced many of the results that people paid for.

Although they have reformulated several of their products, if they were to spend a little bit more money perhaps they would be able to come up with a diet pill that was so effective it could stand on its own and wouldn’t need commercials and advertisements with identifiable celebrities in tiny bikinis.

Top Celebrity Diet Pill Offenders

Here is a look at the top three diet pill offenders currently on the market.

1. QuickTrim—The Kardashians

As previously mentioned, QuickTrim was at one point endorsed by the three eldest Kardashian sisters. At this point, however, only Kim remains as a celebrity endorser. This is because Kourtney is breastfeeding and Khloe is now considered “too fat” to remain an icon.

The pills themselves are mostly caffeine, with the nighttime dosage consisting primarily of laxatives. Nevertheless, Kim claims to have lost 15 pounds on the program while Khloe says she lost 25—though she has gained most of it back.

2. NV—Carmen Electra

This diet pill, pronounced like “Envy,” is endorsed by supermodel Carmen Electra and is said to help you lose weight, but also improve the quality of your skin, hair, and nails.

However, it contains hoodia, an ingredient advertised as an appetite suppressant but well-known to be ineffective and largely a scam. Other ingredients include taurine and collagen, which have no place in a diet pill.

3. QuickStart Rapid Weight Loss Program—Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels, known for her appearances on The Biggest Loser, endorsed this product that is said to suppress appetite and burn fat. However, she was sued in early 2012 because the pills were proven to ineffective and even dangerous as they include bitter orange, or synephrine.

Michaels gained attention for weighing around 175 pounds as a teenager, and managing to drop to around 120. She now admits to achieving this through a combination of pills and strict diet and exercise.

Warning: Celebrity Diet Pills Don’t Always Work

Because celebrity diet pills don’t always work, we strongly recommend that you choose carefully before determining which diet pill you are ready to use. The fact remains that whether or not a celebrity endorses a product, the ingredient profile is the number one determinant of how effective a diet pill is going to be.

In an ideal world, instead of spending the money to pay for a celebrity endorsement, many of these diet pills would spend just a little bit more money so that they could create an effective product.

For these reasons, it is best to look more into Liporexall and other weight loss supplements that back up their advertisements with the right ingredients, scientific research, and effectiveness.

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