Body Fit Media Review

Body Fit Media is a program that can be added to any of your current weight loss programs. It’s actually a pretty good idea and I have to admit that I’m quite impressed. When I’m working with new clients in a personal training session one of the questions we discuss is whether or not they have a support system. If you don’t have support with your weight loss goals you are not likely to ever reach your goals.

One way you can get support and motivation is by tracking your goals so that you can see how much you have improved. It shows where you started and tracking your progress is so motivating that it’s going to be hard to give up once you see your results.

How Can Body Fit Media Help You Lose Weight?

Body Fit Media is essentially a little watch that you wear which can track how many calories you burn and can store information about the calories that you consume. In addition, it measures the quality of your sleep. Many people discount the importance of sleep in a weight loss program. However, studies have shown that if you are not getting at least 8 hours of quality sleep you may not be as successful in your weight loss goals.

One of the reasons using Body Fit Media can be so helpful is because they recognize that not every diet is going to work for every body type. And if you try to follow a diet that has you running to the health store for foods you haven’t even heard of you are not likely to complete your diet. A better way to lose weight is to make permanent lifestyle changes such as increasing physical activity and decreasing the amount of juice you consume. Body Fit Media can help you to make small goals such as these and can show you that even small lifestyle changes have a huge impact on your health.

How Much Is Body Fit Media?

This product is kind of pricey. They have a few options for ordering so it could be less expensive but there are other online programs you can find or iPod apps that do similar things and cost much less. If you buy the armband, activity manager, and display it is regularly $299.99 although at the time of this review it is on sale for only $259.99. You can buy it without the display and it’s only $189.95 (regularly $199.95).

After you buy either of these options you have to pay for a monthly subscription which ranges from $6.95 a month to $12.95 a month depending on how many months you buy at a time. You can also get accessories such as cute bands but those aren’t really necessary.


Using Body Fit Media could definitely help you to see how well you are doing meeting your goals. Since there are other websites that do similar things the only benefit you get from Body Fit Media is that it can acurately track how many calories you burn during various activities. If you’re okay with getting a good estimate on calories burned instead of the exact number this may not be the best way to spend several hundred dollars!

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