Embrace Weight Loss Review

“The launch of Embrace continues NDS’ long-standing tradition of developing high-quality dietary supplements,” says John S. Wilson, CEO of the manufacturing company Bond Labs.

Since so many diet pills are low-quality, I wanted to find out the truth about the Embrace Weight Loss kit. Are the three products really high quality diet pills? Here is what I discovered:

Is Intensify Safe and Effective?

Intensify is the first Embrace Weight Loss product. It is designed to reduce body fat by stimulating thermogenesis. Thermogenesis increases calorie burn to prevent fat storage.

There are about 25 ingredients in Intensify’s 683-mg proprietary blend. Here are a few key ingredients:

• Caffeine (200 mg)
• Raspberry ketone (100 mg)
• Green tea
• Synephrine
• Yohimbine
• Cinnulin PF®
• Alpha lipoic acid
• BioPerine®


Intensify contains ingredients proven to burn fat, reduce cravings, prevent fat storage, and preserve muscle. Many of these ingredients are used in the best diet pills. However, they are only effective when the proven dosages are used.

The disclosed caffeine and raspberry ketone dosages are safe, effective amounts. But the proprietary blend hides all other dosages, so I don’t know if Intensify has the right amounts. If weak dosages are used, ingredient effectiveness is diminished. If huge dosages are used, ingredients may cause side effects.

Most Intensify ingredients are not proven in weight loss studies. They may provide some benefits, but there is no guarantee.


Yohimbine may be unsafe. WebMD says it may cause rapid heartbeat, kidney failure, seizures, and heart attack. Dosages larger than 100 mg are especially unsafe. Bond Labs has chosen to hide the amounts they use.

Intensify has three caffeine sources and several stimulants. I don’t know the total stimulant dosage, but it’s at least 200 mg. A caffeine dosage between 200 and 400 mg is considered safe, but may cause side effects such as:

• Jitteriness
• Headaches
• Insomnia
• Increase heart rate
• High blood pressure


Intensify has some proven ingredients, but there’s no way to see if safe, effective dosages are used. I’m also concerned because Yohimbine may be unsafe. Consequently, I don’t feel confident saying Intensify is safe and effective.

Is Censor Safe and Effective?

While dieting, you want to lose fat not muscle. So product #2, Censor, is supposed to preserve muscle and promote fat loss. It uses the following ingredients:

• Safflower oil
• Tonalin®
• Fish oil
• Flaxseed oil
• Evening primrose oil
• Borage oil

Effectiveness & Safety

These popular weight loss ingredients contain the fatty acids: CLA, EPA, DHA, LA, and GLA. Research supports their ability to burn fat and preserve muscle.[1][2]

As with Intensify, Censor’s safety and effectiveness depends on proven ingredients and proven dosages. Censor does contain a few proven ingredients. However, dosages are once again hidden in a proprietary blend (2 grams).


I’ve seen competing companies copy each other’s formulas ingredient for ingredient and dosage for dosage. So, I understand why Bond Labs would want to protect their formula by hiding dosages. Unfortunately, the resulting ambiguity puts consumers in a difficult position. When you buy Embrace Weight Loss, you really don’t know if you’re getting a safe, effective product.

Is Detox Safe and Effective?

Bond Labs says the third product, Detox, helps “wipe your body’s slate clean.” These are some key ingredients:

• CitriMax®
• Apple cider vinegar
• Cascara sagrada bark
• Psyllium seed husk
• Senna leaf extract
• Lactobacillus acidophilus

Detox also uses a proprietary blend (780 mg). My research shows that it has safe and effective ingredients. But I don’t know if safe, effective dosages are included. Cascara sagrada and senna may cause or worsen these conditions:

• Diarrhea
• Loose stools
• Abdominal pain

How to Use It

Embrace Weight Loss should be used daily in conjunction with healthy eating habits and regular physical activity. Bond Labs recommends taking these daily amounts:

• Before breakfast, take 1 Intensify capsule and 2 Censor softgels
• Before lunch, take 1 Intensify capsule and 2 Censor softgels
• Before dinner, take 2 Detox capsules

If you follow this schedule, the Embrace Weight Loss kit lasts 45 days. Taking pills at three different times for a total of 8 pills each day may be a challenge.

Do not take Intensify within 4 hours of bedtime. It may cause insomnia. Also, don’t consume other caffeine sources (e.g. coffee, tea, soda) while using Intensify.

Where to Buy Embrace Weight Loss

The only place to buy Embrace Weight Loss online is NDSNutrition.com. Here are the prices:

• Embrace Weight Loss kit: $204.99
• Intensify: $89.99
• Censor: $49.99

These products may be sold in GNC stores as well.

NDSNutrition.com does not accept returns.

Is Embrace Weight Loss One of the Best Diet Pills?

I’m never thrilled to see proprietary blends, but they are very popular. Even the best diet pills use them occasionally. However, top-rated diet pills that use blends are also backed by many positive reviews and reputable companies.

Embrace Weight Loss only has a few online reviews on NDSNutrition.com, which is not an unbiased source. I don’t know enough about Bond Labs’ reputation to feel confident trusting them and buying such an expensive product.

I don’t think Embrace Weight Loss is one of the best diet pills. I recommend you keep looking.


[1] Watras, A, A Buchholz, et al. “The role of conjugated linoleic acid in reducing body fat and preventing holiday weight gain.” International Journal of Obesity. 31.3 (2007): 481-7.

[2] Schirmer, M, and S Phinney. “Gamma-linolenate reduces weight gain in formerly obese humans.” Journal of Nutrition. 137.6 (2007): 1430-5.

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