Fat Loss Factor Review

Created by Dr. Charles Livingston, Fat Loss Factor is quickly becoming one of the most popular dieting programs in the industry.

This comprehensive program offers a wide variety of techniques, instructional videos, and guides to help you reach your weight loss goals.

According to Dr. Charles, “from medical professionals, diet experts, and fitness experts to everyday people, Fat Loss Factor delivers results.” Furthermore, his patient Lori supposedly lost a whopping 85 pounds while following his program. With glowing testimonials and success stories such as this, at first glance, Fat Loss Factor looks like the ultimate user-friendly approach to losing weight.

But what exactly is this program and is it effective? Let’s take a closer look at what Fat Loss Factor has to offer.

What is the Fat Loss Factor Program?

Fat Loss Factor is a 12-week exercise and nutrition schedule designed to establish healthy long-term weight loss habits. It does not use pills or chemicals that cause long-term health complications. Rather, Fat Loss Factors gives you the information you need to succeed and leaves the rest up to you.

The program is divided into various steps, stages, and difficulty levels. Depending on how much weight you want to lose and how fast you want to lose it, you can chose among beginner, intermediate, rapid weight loss, and extreme weight loss levels.

Stage 1: Detox and Cleanse. Said to be the hardest part of the diet, the detox stage is a 2 week cleansing period meant to clear the body of toxins and negative chemicals.

During this stage, dieters consume organic fruits and vegetables, raw nuts, seeds, and legumes, as well as coconut and olive oils. Additionally, dieters are instructed to avoid meat, dairy products, eggs, bread, grains, sugar, and artificial sweeteners.

Because the first stage is the hardest, dieters are not required to follow a strenuous exercise program. Instead, dieters are advised to walk for 30 to 60 minutes daily, preferably outdoors.

Those following the rapid and extreme weight loss options also incorporate at least three days on the lemonade diet (the master cleanse), which involves fasting on a drink containing fresh lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper.

Stage 2: 10-Week Diet. Once the cleansing period is finished, dieters then undergo a 10 week diet consisting of low-glycemic fruits and vegetables as well as lean protein sources. The program also advises dieters to follow these 5 rules to maintain and enhance their weight loss results experienced during the cleanse:

1. Eat most calories early in the day
2. Consume frequent small meals
3. Eat something raw at every meal
4. Have a cheat day once a week
5. Drink lots of water

Recommended foods include whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, organic grass-fed meat, organic free range poultry, salmon tuna, organic free range eggs, olive oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil, butter, maple syrup, honey, stevia, whey protein, etc.

The entire program includes the following:

• A starter guide
• Dr. Charles’ ebook
• A video demonstrating how to cleanse and detox the body
• An exercise log to monitor exercises
• A workout guide and sample workout videos
• Foojoo software
• A goal setting guide
• Groceries ebook with recipes
• Measurement forms
• Lifetime upgrades
• Free email coaching for one year

Interestingly enough, the entire program is digital. Once you purchase the program, you are sent a Fat Loss Factor PDF as well as links to instructional videos. While I prefer to have hardcopies of books, many dieters find the PDF form easier to use on portable devices such as the iPad and Kindle.

Is It Safe?

Fat Loss Factor isn’t a diet pill, so you don’t have to worry about stimulants and side effects while on the program.

One of the greatest reasons why Fat Loss Factor appeals to dieters is that the program is customizable according to individual needs and preferences. Essentially, you work with your body to promote safe weight loss results, rather than against it.

On the other hand, consumers should exercise caution before making any drastic changes to their diet.

Frank Sacks, MD, and leading epidermiologist at Harvard School of Public Health explains, “there is no basis in human biology that indicates we need fasting or any other detox formula to detoxify the body because we have our own internal organs and immune system that take care of excreting toxins.” [1]

Additionally, Kathleen Zelman, RD warns, “Most people don’t feel great on low-calorie, nutrient-poor diets. Potential side effects include but are not limited to low energy, low blood sugar, muscle aches, fatigue, feeling dizzy or lightheaded, and nausea. Prolonged fasting can lead to more serious health problems.” [1]

Is Fat Loss Factor Program Expensive?

Many images advertising Fat Loss Factor often display several discs, videos, and papers to make it look as though the program has a lot to offer. Consequently, when many dieters see the “low” $47 price tag at FatLossFactor.com, they immediately assume they’re getting a good deal, especially so when they see the price is 50% off.

However, many dieters are confused when all they get is a bunch of links and a PDF file that may end up in their spam box. Nothing is sent in the mail – it’s all digital. Dieters are responsible for downloading the ebook after purchase.

Considering Fat Loss Factor is basically another diet book that follows the same principals you’ve probably seen before, the price looks a bit steep.

What if It Doesn’t Work?

If you decide Fat Loss Factor is not for you, then you can ask for a refund within 60 days of purchase. However, consumer experience with the return process is fairly mixed. Some consumers received no response to online requests for help while others received a prompt refund.

To make a return, contact fatlossfactor@gmail.com.

More About the Manufacturers

Fat Loss Factor is owned and marketed by Dr. Charles Livingston, the owner of GreenLife Weight Loss, LLC.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Green Life Weight Loss, LLC received a C rating on a scale of A+ to F. In the last 3 years, 20 complaints have been filed against the company, and more often than not, the company failed to respond to these complaints.

“This company has a pattern of customer complaints,” warns the BBB. “Specifically, complainants allege after making payments they are unable to access purchased products. Complainants also allege the company does not respond to on-line requests for assistance.”

Is Fat Loss Factor Worth It?

There are countless online reviews claiming Fat Loss Factor changed lives, but don’t give into the hype. Many of these reviewers are selling the product, getting paid every time they make a referral.

While following the Fat Loss Factor program may help you lose a couple pounds, manufacturers explain testimonial results of extreme weight loss are not typical.

Essentially, Fat Loss Factor is a book that offers rehashed dieting tips and tricks – your results with these techniques depend entirely on you.


[1] Zelman, Kathleen. “The Truth About Detox Diets.” WebMD. Available from: http://www.webmd.com/food-recipes/guide/detox-diets-purging-myths

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