Lipofuze 72 Hour Detox Review

Lipofuze 72 Hour Detox is said to enhance weight loss by eliminating toxins that slow you down and clog up your digestive system.

There are literally hundreds of diet pills that promise the same sort of things, but this is interesting because it comes from the same makers who developed one of the more popular and effective diet pills we’ve seen.

When combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, supposedly this all-natural supplement will give you greater fat burning power than ever before.

Advertisements would have you believe Lipofuze 72 Hour Detox is special, that it stands out from other diet pills with its promises to “deliver a skinnier sexier you.”

But does Lipofuze 72 Hour Detox deserve your attention as a detox diet pill? Does it live up to the Lipofuze name?

Inside the Bottle

To find out if Lipofuze 72 Hour Detox is effective, it’s always important to look at the ingredient label.

Not familiar with Lipofuze 72 Hour Detox? Here’s a glimpse inside:

Lady’s Mantle, Olive Leaf, Cumin, Wild Mint. When used separately, these ingredients improve digestion but have little impact on weight loss. Together, they increase thermogenesis in brown adipocytes (fat cells). [1]

Dandelion. Dandelion may look like an ordinary garden weed, but it’s actually an effective laxative and diuretic. It stimulates bile production to promote digestion.

According to University of Maryland Medical Center experts, “Dandelion may help normalize blood sugar levels and lower total and cholesterol and triglycerides while raising HDL, ‘good,’ cholesterol. “[2]

Glucomannan. Glucomannan is the perfect digestive aid. As it combines with water in the stomach, it forms a gel-like substance which puts pressure on the stomach walls and creates the illusion of satiety. It also delays gastric emptying for optimum nutrient absorption and appetite suppression.

As it moves through the digestive tract, glucomannan pushes toxins, excess waste, and other harmful materials along with it.

According to studies, glucomannan results in significant weight loss over an 8 week period. [3]

Senna . Senna is an FDA-approved laxative that stimulates intestine muscles to push stool along. It is used to treat constipation and clear the bowels before a colonoscopy. [4]

Buchu. Buchu is commonly used to disinfect the urinary tract during bladder infections. It contains active chemicals which eliminate germs and increase urine flow. If used incorrectly, it may irritate the stomach and kidneys, but this shouldn’t be a problem with Lipofuze 72 Hour Detox.

Urva Ursi. Uva Ursi contains several chemicals that shrink and tighten mucous membranes, resulting in reduced inflammation.

According to researchers, “the herb works best when a person’s urine is alkaline science acid destroys its antibacterial effect.” [5]

Should You Be Worried About Side Effects?

Lipofuze 72 Hour Detox contains ingredients which stimulate bowel movements and increase urine flow. This is part of the body’s normal detoxification process.

However, Lipofuze 72 Hour Detox is designed to work naturally with your body, so you shouldn’t experience negative symptoms such as diarrhea, bloating, or gas.

Additionally, Lipofuze 72 Hour Detox is completely stimulant-free, which greatly reduces side effect risk.

Who Can Use Lipofuze 72 Hour Detox?

Lipofuze 72 Hour Detox can be used by anyone looking to eliminate toxins and chemicals from their body. This detox also accelerates weight loss results for those using the original Lipofuze formula.

Lipofuze 72 Hour Detox should not be used by anyone under 18 years old.

If you are taking medication, talk with your doctor to see if it’s safe for you to use.

How Many Capsules Do You Take A Day?

Lipofuze 72 Hour Detox should be taken twice daily and 5 capsules in each dose. This totals to 10 pills a day for 3 days.

Do You Still Have to Diet and Exercise?

Although many users lose weight quickly while using Lipofuze 72 Hour Detox, the only way to ensure this weight stays off is to follow healthy habits.

Lipofuze 72 Hour Detox is designed to jumpstart your weight loss goals. It’s a tool, not a substitute, for a better lifestyle.


• All-natural, clinically proven ingredients
• Created by reliable manufacturers
• Affordable price
• 90 day money-back guarantee
• Friendly customer service


• Might not work for everyone
• Weight loss is primarily water
• Must take 10 pills daily

Is Lipofuze 72 Hour Detox Affordable?

With so many all-natural ingredients in the formula, I assumed Lipofuze 72 Hour Detox would be expensive.

Then when I looked at the price tag, I was shocked to see you could buy a single bottle for less than $20. Free shipping is also available when you order a 3 month supply.

90 Day Guarantee

If used correctly, Lipofuze 72 Hour Detox lasts 3 days. Surprisingly enough, the money-back guarantee stretches to a full 90 days. This is plenty of time to try the product and decide for yourself if you like the results.

If you are not satisfied within that time frame, simply return your fully used bottle to receive a full fund (shipping and handling not included).

The guarantee also covers additional bottles, as long as they’re sealed and in resalable condition.

To learn more about the guarantee, you can contact customer service by phone (877.641.9564) or by email (

Should You Trust the Manufacturers?

Lipofuze 72 Hour Detox is made by one of the best supplement manufacturers in the industry: Excitement Dietetics.

Though this company is small, it has produced some of the most popular, effective, all-natural ingredients I’ve ever seen:

• 7 Day Detox
• Acneprine
• Cinicallix
• Growtropin HGH
• Lipofuze
• Abidexin

I’ve been amazed with how friendly and fast the customer service agents are when answering my inquiries.

Even more impressive is the lack of customer complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau. Not a single complaint in 3 years!

I definitely look forward to more supplements from this amazing company.

Is Lipofuze 72 Hour Detox a Great Buy?

Lipofuze 72 Hour Detox offers great ingredients for an affordable low price. It’s definitely a good solution for slimming down.

If you’re looking for a quick way to lose weight, then Lipofuze 72 Hour Detox may be just what you need to jumpstart your weight loss results.


[1] Omar Said, Khaled Khalil, Stephen Fulder, Yousaf Marie, Eli Kassis and Bashar Saad. “A Double Blinded- Randomized Clinical Study with “Weighlevel”, a Combination of Four Medicinal Plants Used in Traditional Greco-Arab and Islamic Medicine.” The Open Complementary Medicine Journal, 2010, 2, 1-6. Available from:

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