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Liponox has been around for a while now, but recently XPI has reformulated this popular diet pill to bring you even more effective weight loss ingredients than ever before.

This new and improved supplement for weight loss is a high energy metabolism booster and appetite suppressant, working with your body to give you greater control over your weight loss results.

In the past Liponox was considered an effective supplement, but is the new formula better or worse than the old one? Let’s take a closer look to find out.

Ingredient Information

If you were familiar with the old version of Liponox, then you’d probably remember that it used to contain over 100 different ingredients for weight loss. Though all of them were healthy and had some impact on your overall weight loss results, some of the ingredients were in concentrations so low that it made some question why manufacturers bothered to include them in the supplement in the first place.

liponox supplement factsHowever, I have to admit that the new formula offers a fairly impressive line up of fat burners and appetite suppressants. There are no filler ingredients in this blend, and each ingredient is clinically proven to stimulate weight loss.

African Mango: is a popular superfruit backed with plenty of research and clinical information. Researchers have discovered that African Mango, when taken in 150 mg doses twice daily, can effectively suppress appetite, lower cholesterol levels, and eliminate free radicals from the body all at the same time. It’s rich in fiber that can improve the digestive system as well.

Cissus Quadrangularis: has a few studies proving it to be an effective fat burner and ingredient for weight loss, but newer research suggests that this ingredient may also speed recovery time as well, improving bone density and encouraging the growth of connective tissue.

GreenSelect Phytosome Green Tea: is widely known for its high concentrations of antioxidants. It’s considered to be a heart-healthy ingredient, and may reduce oxidative stress on a cellular level.

Green Tea (50% Caffeine): is known for increasing energy levels and suppressing appetite for that extra boost you need to lose weight. Green Tea is one of the most widely used ingredients for weight loss on the market.

Guarana: is a plant-source of caffeine, offering more than double the amount of caffeine in a single serving than a cup of coffee. It acts as a powerful thermogenic, increasing the body’s core temperature to literally burn more calories than ever before.

Green Coffee Bean Extract: has higher concentrations of caffeic and clorogenic acids than your ordinary coffee bean, so not only do you get higher quality concentrations of caffeine but a lower risk of heart disease due to their antioxidant capabilities. It may be able to inhibit the absorption of fat in the liver while maintaining healthy glucose levels as well.

DiCaffeine malate: is a mixture of two different ingredients – caffeine and malic acid. Caffeine, as you may have already guessed, provides a great boost in energy. Malic acid, on the other hand, is easy for the stomach to digest, resulting in fewer side effects such as stomach upset and nausea. When combined, you get the best of both ingredients – a metabolism boosting formula with less risk.

Yerba mate: is a popular South American tea that can increase mental alertness and acuity. It offers a wide number of amino acids, antioxidants, and other nutrients to improve your immune system and overall health.

Black Tea: is more oxidized and fermented than other forms of tea, which means that it contains more caffeine per serving as well. It makes for a great metabolism booster, helping you to burn more calories throughout the day even when you’re at rest.

White Tea: is the least processed of all the types of tea brewed from the camillia sinensis plant. Consequently, it has less caffeine per serving, but more polyphenols and other nutrients.

Gotu Kola: is a relaxing herb that supports a healthy central nervous system. It is popularly used as a tonic and purifier of the blood stream, and it may also improve mental focus and concentration as well.

Oolong Tea: is more processed than green tea, but less oxidized than Black tea, resulting in an ingredient that contains a good balance of both antioxidants and caffeine.

Kola Nut: offers short-term relief from fatigue and depression, and is yet another natural source of caffeine.

That’s a Lot of Caffeine – Is it Safe?

500 mg of caffeinated ingredients seems like a hefty dose of caffeine, especially when you consider the fact that 350-400 mg of caffeine is the typical recommended dose for weight loss. Consequently, you’ll want to be a little a cautious when you try this diet pill because it may cause the following side effects:

• Dizziness and Vertigo
• Anxiety and Jitters
• Nausea and Stomach Upset
• Mood Swings and Irritability
• Restlessness and Insomnia

Though this supplement is safe for use on a short-term basis, I think it may be too strong for some dieters to use comfortably. If you are sensitive to caffeine, pregnant or nursing, or taking medication, you’ll want to avoid Liponox’s new formula altogether. On the other hand, if you’re serious about losing weight and can handle high amounts of caffeine, then Liponox may be just the solution you need to slim down.

How Much Liponox Should You Take?

Manufacturers recommend taking 2 capsules of Liponox daily – 1 before breakfast and 1 before lunch. However, I think that consumers might want to start off with just a single capsule of Liponox for a few days to see how they handle the caffeine in the formula. If no side effects occur, then they can feel free to increase their dosage to the full amount.

Weight Loss Results

Liponox definitely has an impressive list of fat burning, appetite suppressing ingredients, so I would not be surprised if this supplement helped you lose weight without a lot of exercise or dieting on your part. On the other hand, I feel that individual results will vary depending on a wide variety of factors such as height, weight, diet, exercise, etc.

How much weight you lose will depend primarily on your current lifestyle and the way your body responds to the caffeine in the supplement. Manufacturers promote that Liponox can help you lose as much as 3-5 pounds or more a week, or more than 20 lbs. in a month, but I’ll remain a little skeptical until I see more consumer reviews about the new formula.

Product Price and Guarantee

Although XPI changed the product’s formula, they didn’t change the price or the guarantee of their product – which is a definite plus. Currently, Liponox sells for $59.95 per bottle when you purchase from, though you may be able to find it for a lower price on sites such as so long as you’re willing to sacrifice the guarantee.

One of the greatest things about is that manufacturers provide you with a 90 day money-back guarantee, so if you don’t like the formula, you’re not making any sacrifices on your part. Simply contact customer support by phone at 1-866-580-8816 to get started (or you can send them an email via

XPI Supplements

XPI has made a wide variety of supplements to help you sculpt the body you’ve always wanted, from fat burners like Liponox to Muscle builders like Myotein to Testosterone boosters like Syntheroid. These supplements are designed to work with the body through the use of all-natural ingredients, and they’re some of the most popular supplements around.

Is Liponox Worth it?

While Liponox does present the worrisome risk of negative side effects for some dieters, I’d have to say that the formula seems like a sound supplement for weight loss. It has a good mix of fat burners and appetite suppressants, and the ingredients are all clinically proven to help you lose weight. If you can handle the caffeine and don’t mind the price, then I’d say go for it.

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    Does liponox have any ingredient that will interfere with a drug screening

    April 20, 2014 at 8:59 pm
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      Sonny, no it should not. But just in case, it’s always best to tell your doctor about any supplements you are taking.

      April 21, 2014 at 11:16 am

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