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Lipozene Metabo Up Plus Review

Obesity Research Institute LLC recently released their latest thermogenic: MetaboUp Plus.

Supposedly MetaboUp Plus offers all the same fat-fighting ingredients as its predecessor (MetaboUp) but with added caffeine concentrations for increased energy.

According to advertisements, MetaboUp is “packed with antioxidants and energy-rich B vitamins.”

MetaboUp Plus is created by the same manufacturers who brought you Lipozene, one of the top-selling appetite-suppressants.

Over 15 million bottles have sold since Lipozene’s release. Will MetaboUp Plus see the same kind of success?

What’s Under the Lid?

Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of information available about MetaboUp Plus. The ingredient lists are vague at best and ingredient labels are hard to come by.

According to, MetaboUp Plus contains the following ingredients:

Vitamin B6 – 600 mcg. Vitamin B6 is involved in numerous biological processes, including hemoglobin production and carbohydrate breakdown. Researchers suggest taking vitamin B6 in conjunction with vitamin B12 to prevent macular degeneration. [1]

The recommended dietary allowance for vitamin B6 is 1.7-2 mg daily, but MetaboUp Plus only provides a fraction of that amount.

Vitamin B12 – 15 mcg. This essential vitamin is required for the proper function and development of the brain, nerves, and blood cells.

According to WebMD experts, vitamin B12’s daily allowance is 1.8-2.4 mcg. MetaboUp Plus contains 250% the recommended amount. This is particularly worrisome as too much vitamin B12 is known to cause side effects such as blood clots, itching, and allergic reactions. [2]

Proprietary Blend – 952 mg.
I’m always skeptical of proprietary blends, especially when they contain unknown caffeine concentrations. . .

Caffeine. This stimulant increases energy levels by blocking adenosine receptors in the brain. Studies show caffeine increases speed and power output within minutes of ingestion and its effects may last as little as 60 seconds or as long as 2 hours. [3]

Green Tea . Green tea is naturally rich in both caffeine and antioxidants. It increases energy levels and decreases appetite while simultaneously boosting immunity and protecting the heart against oxidative stress.

Studies show green tea works synergistically with caffeine to increase thermogenesis and fat oxidation, making it an effective tool for weight loss. [4]

Oolong Tea. Oolong tea is much like green tea in that it comes from the same plant. However, oolong tea contains higher caffeine concentrations due to partial fermentation.
Research reveals oolong tea may increase caloric expenditure by as much as 3-4% after ingestion. [5]

Guarana Seed . Yet another caffeine source, guarana increases energy levels, boosts mood, and optimizes memory.

Experts believe guarana may produce more positive cognitive effects when taken in 27 mg-75 mg doses as opposed to 150-300 mg. [6] However, there is not enough information to know if MetaboUp Plus contains too much or too little guarana.

Kola Nut. Kola nut, like many other MetaboUp Plus ingredients, also contains caffeine. Many experts choose Kola nut over other caffeine sources due to its abilities to increase energy levels without becoming addictive. However, it can be fatal when taken in large doses. [7]

Cayenne. Cayenne has not been extensively studied for weight loss, despite many manufacturers singing its praises. Researchers believe the capsaicin in cayenne may suppress appetite, but there is not enough clinical research to validate this effect. [8]

Platycodon Grandiflorum. Interestingly enough, does not list this ingredient in MetaboUp Plus’ formula. This makes me question whether the Wal-Mart label is accurate or if the manufacturers were trying to hide this ingredient from the public.

Platycodon, or Chinese bellflower, is not a clinically proven weight loss ingredient. Although scientists are investigating its potential for healing skin disorders, there is not enough information to know its effects when ingested.

Potential Side Effects and Safety Concerns

MetaboUp Plus relies heavily on caffeine in order to promote weight loss. While this may be effective for some, it may be too much for some dieters to handle.
Caffeine is known to cause negative side effects such as:

• Trembling and shaking
• Rapid or irregular heartbeat
• Nervousness and anxiety
• Nausea and stomach upset
• Headaches and migraines

To keep these side effects to a minimum, start off with a smaller dosage for the first few days then gradually work your way up to the full amount.

Medication Warning. There is a great deal of caffeine and caffeine-based ingredients in MetaboUp Plus. Caffeine interacts negatively with certain medications, including birth control, blood thinner, and antibiotics.

If you are taking medication, consult your doctor before using MetaboUp Plus.

How to Use MetaboUp Plus

MetaboUp Plus is easy to use and incorporate in a sensible weight loss program. Simply take 2 capsules daily with 8 oz. of water.

To reduce side effect risk, avoid taking MetaboUp Plus within 5-6 hours of bedtime.

Do You Still Have to Exercise? Yes. While a few individuals respond well to caffeine and lose weight without exercise, everyone benefits from following a healthy diet and regular exercise.
Diet pill such as MetaboUp Plus are designed to accelerate weight loss results not compensate for poor lifestyle decisions.

Can You Stack MetaboUp Plus? MetaboUp Plus can be used in conjunction with Lipozene, Obesity Research Institute’s leading appetite suppressant.

What Consumers Are Saying

Although there are countless reviews describing Lipozene and Obesity Research Institute’s poor reputation, there is very little information on MetaboUp Plus.

The few reviews available are fairly positive, but I can’t help but be a little skeptical nonetheless.

Krisnr05 shared this experience at

“Pro- lost almost 5 lbs after taking pill 2 times on different days in one week.
Pro- cheaper than most diet pills. $20 for two bottles 60 total.
Pro- Fast results—-mostly water weight was lost.
Con- Feel a little cramping right afterwards from taking pill…make sure your close to a bathroom.
Con- Not many pills in the bottle so it probably wont last long.
*They recommend you take 6 pills a day….that’s a lot so I only take one every other day.”

However, this review does not accurately reflect MetaboUp Plus’s formula. The product does not contain ingredients known for causing cramping, and according to the directions, dieters should only take 2 capsules a day – not 6.

This review followed an extremely positive review by Brutisboy at the same site, but once again, I doubt its credibility:

“I would recommend this to all my friends I have lost 45 pounds in one month.”

45 pounds in a month?

That kind of weight loss is too extreme to be healthy. Most dieticians and experts recommend losing 1-2 pounds a week through a healthy diet and regular exercise, though many dieters may lose a few pounds more depending on various factors.

Until I read more reliable reviews about MetaboUp Plus, I can’t help but think the formula is overhyped.

Where to Buy MetaboUp Plus

MetaboUp can be purchased online from for $19.99 plus shipping. As far as I can tell, that’s the only reliable online distributor for MetaboUp Plus.

In order to purchase MetaboUp Plus, you may have to go to your local Wal-Mart and see if it’s in stock. Pricing varies depending on the store.

Is There a Guarantee? mentions a 30 day guarantee on Obesity Research Institute products.

“All weight loss pills shipped by ORI have a 30-day money back guarantee less shipping and handling.”

In order to make a return, consumers must contact customer service within 30 days to receive a return authorization number which must be written on the shipping box.

However, before you decide to “buy it and try it,” you might want to read the fine print first.

“The above mentioned Weight Loss Guarantee & Return Policy applies to Internet and TV purchases directly from Metabo Up® only.” does not sell MetaboUp Plus. Rather, it simply discusses the ingredients and how the product will increase energy levels. In order to purchase MetaboUp Plus online, you must go through a different distributor which then voids the guarantee.

Should You Trust the Manufacturers?

MetaboUp Plus is owned by Obesity Research Institute, the same manufacturers who created Lipozene, Zylotrim, Fiberthin, and Proplene.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Obesity Research Institute received a D rating (on a scale of A+ to F) due to its failure to respond to complaints filed against the business. In the last 3 years, the company received over 100 complaints, many of which regarded problems with the product and billing issues.

In 2005 the FTC required Obesity Research Institute to pay over $1.5 million to redress consumers due to false advertising. [9]

“The defendants advertised these products through a 30-minute television infomercial that aired on numerous television stations,” says the FTC. “he FTC’s complaint charged that the defendants made “Red Flag” claims in their ads, including that the product would cause rapid, substantial weight loss (more than 2 pounds per week) without the need to diet or exercise.” [9]

With such a negative background, can you really trust MetaboUp Plus to provide reliable results?

Will MetaboUp Plus Help You Lose Weight?

With its unproven ingredients in undisclosed concentrations, MetaboUp Plus looks too risky to be worth the effort. The manufacturers don’t provide the most reliable customer service, so if it doesn’t work, you may be stuck with an expensive paperweight.

While a few consumers successfully lost weight with MetaboUp Plus, I’m not convinced MetaboUp Plus is the safest, most effective way to slim down.

But what do you think?

If you’ve tried MetaboUp Plus, please share your experience by leaving a comment below.


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