So many diet supplements target the same bodily processes and they tend to work very well for some people, while other people’s bodies do not respond. If you have tried a couple different weight loss supplements and experienced minimal results, you simply must look into this amazing ingredient called Neopuntia. It is a natural extract derived from the Opuntia ficus indica cactus plant. It may look like a plain cactus at first sight, but scientists have discovered that it is a ‘fat blocker’. This means it has the ability to block fats from being absorbed in the digestive process. By binding to fats in the stomach, it coats them with a fluid gel that the body cannot process. So unwanted fat just goes right through your system! Unabsorbed fats join the other waste your body produces and is excreted naturally. This can be a lifesaver for those of us who are not interested in starving ourselves and do not have the time or energy to workout daily.

Is it Clinically Proven?

The theory sounds great, but the proven results of scientific testing sound even better! In a placebo-controlled clinical study, researchers measured and compared the amounts of ingested and excreted fats. Participants who were given Neopuntia excreted 27% more of the fats they ingested than the control group. This proves Neopuntia’s amazing abilities as a fat blocker. When compared with existing fat blockers on the market, Neopuntia is shown to be much more effective. It outperforms the popular fat blocker known as Chitosan by bonding with a whopping 28% more fat mass than the latter was capable of. Specific statistical data shows that 1 gram of Neopuntia is capable of blocking 9 grams of olive oil, 19 grams of mayonnaise, or 11 grams of butter. This is truly an impressive dietary supplement ingredient!

Safety of Neopuntia

It has proven to be safe and devoid of any harmful side effects. It comes from an all-natural source of vegetable fiber, but it is surprisingly effective. Some might worry about digestive difficulties associated with the function of Neopuntia, but none have been reported to date. Following the recommended methods of taking the ingredient is important for safety. Scientists suggest an intake of 5 grams per day. It is to be taken 30 to 60 minutes after each meal that contains fat. This allows your digestive system time to begin to separate the fat from the other food content, making the fat prone to coating by Neopuntia. It is important to give two hours between taking Neopuntia and taking any medication, so that its effects do not inhibit the absorption of any medicine.

Try the Cactus!

This amazing all-green, all-natural product can truly revolutionize your weight loss program. If you find it too difficult to stick to non-fat, low-calorie diets, Neopuntia is perfect for you! It is proven to be the most effective product of its kind on the market and it is totally safe. You really have nothing to lose but the weight!

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