ProSupps Vanish Review

The third weight loss formula from ProSupps, Vanish was announced in a shroud of mystery.

According to ProSupps, Vanish will be “the most effective, innovative and COMPLETE fat burner” when it’s released this summer. Beyond that, however, ProSupps has kept their mouth shut. Even the Vanish product page on the ProSupps website is empty.

That hasn’t stopped others from gleaning information about Vanish, however. I was able to scrape up quite a bit of information about this new ProSupps product. Here’s a look at what I found.

Who’s Behind the ProSupps Brand?

ProSupps USA is a limited liability company based in Allen, Texas. Apart from a vague mission statement, however, the company doesn’t tell us much about itself.

The company appears to be relatively new, however, as nearly all products are marked as “new” and even the ones that aren’t say “coming soon” on their product pages.

We do know ProSupps is headed by T.J. Humphreys, a previous employee of Texas-based Lone Star Distribution. Humphreys was with Lone Star for 7 years and supposedly helped the company bring in $65 million in annual revenue.

It’s nice to see a company started by someone with a background in nutritional supplements rather than in business. This isn’t often the case. However, I’d still be cautious when dealing with a company that’s just getting on its feet.

You can get in touch with the company by calling 1-888-575-7301 or by emailing There’s also a contact form available on

What Ingredients Are in Vanish?

Because Vanish’s product page literally vanished from the website, I had to seek out alternative information sources on the Vanish formula. What I found was a list of ingredients divided into 3 blends: the Fat-Burning Matrix, the Euphoria Matrix, and the Appetite Control Matrix.

There is currently no information on either individual ingredient amount or the overall formula size. Judging by other products from ProSupps, the company will reveal the overall blend size and not individual ingredient amounts when Vanish is released.

Until then, I have to satisfy myself with analyzing the ingredients in Vanish.

The Fat-Burning Matrix

The Fat-Burning Matrix is meant to eliminate excess fat mass primarily through central nervous system stimulants. Many of these ingredients are effective, though without knowing individual amounts, it’s impossible to say if they’ll be effective here.


Perhaps the most ubiquitous diet pill ingredient, caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant that increases both energy production and caloric burn. Both benefits aid weight loss.

In a 1978 study, subjects taking caffeine prolonged their workouts by an average 15 minutes [1]. By working out longer and harder, you increase caloric burn and create the caloric deficit needed to lose weight.

A 1994 study revealed further fat-burning properties in caffeine. In this study, overweight and obese women taking caffeine saw a significant decrease in BMI and an increase in metabolic rate [2]. Thus, caffeine both directly and indirectly supports weight loss.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea is another weight loss perennial. In addition to its fat-burning caffeine content, green tea also contains catechins, which stimulate the body to expend calories and decrease body fat.

According to a 2005 study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, drinking enough green tea over an extended time period reduces waist size, BMI, and total body fat [3]. Green tea also contains antioxidants that support proper digestion, helping you absorb more nutrients from food and stay healthy while dieting.

Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry ketone is a chemical from red raspberries thought to induce weight loss. The extract became popular after it was featured on “The Dr. Oz Show” in February 2012. The supporting study behind raspberry ketone’s use as a fat burner took place in 2004 and involved overweight mice. At the study’s end, mice fed raspberry ketone had a significantly lower fat mass than mice in the control group [4].

Although this led Dr. Oz to label raspberry ketone a “miracle fat burner,” I won’t be so convinced until I see these results replicated in humans.

Calcium Pyruvate

A pyruvic acid and calcium combination, calcium pyruvate is said to aid the conversion sugar and starch into energy. This is believed to enhance metabolism and energy production. When paired with a sensible diet and regular exercise, these benefits supposedly support weight loss.

Unfortunately, scientific studies don’t support this hypothesis. In a 1999 study, no significant differences in metabolic response or body composition were found in male subjects taking calcium pyruvate [5]. These disappointing results were echoed again in 2005 in a study observing calcium pyruvate supplementation in women [6].


Aegeline is an alkaloid of bael leaves and is most commonly used to treat digestive problems. However, as an anti-inflammatory, aegeline may also have benefits. Overweight and obese people have inflamed fat cells, which could be treated with an anti-inflammatory.

However, aegeline has no direct fat-burning properties, so it’s hard to see why it’s included in Vanish’s Fat-Burning Blend.


Another alkaloid, hordenine is related to phenylethylamine (PEA) and is said to trigger greater action in the central nervous system. If true, this supports hordenine’s classification as a fat burner.

However, there are next to no scientific reports on hordenine’s weight loss benefits. Though it was found to increase blood pressure in test animals, hordenine supplementation didn’t lead to weight loss.

Instead, hordenine’s primary effects on test animals were disturbances in the cardiovascular, respiratory, and nervous systems [7]. Knowing this, I’m not sure why hordenine is in Vanish.

The Euphoria Matrix

There’s no information on what the Euphoria Matrix is supposed to do, but I can only assume it’s included to alleviate stress and boost mood.


Rhodiola rosea root is considered an “adaptogen,” which means it enhances the body’s response to physical, chemical, and environmental stress. With less stress, mood improves and high cortisol levels—which contribute to increased belly fat—recede.

Rhodiola was tested and proven effective in a 2000 study involving students during an examination period. A group of students was given rhodiola while a second group was given a placebo. Both were monitored for common mental stress markers. At the study’s end, students taking rhodiola were significantly less stressed than students taking a placebo [8].

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)

ALA protects against oxidative stress—the removal of electrons from an atom or molecule resulting in damaged cells and compromised body processes. In a 2009 study, researchers verified ALA protects organs from oxidative stress and free radicals, particularly in patients with metabolic syndrome [9].
This is good to know, but it doesn’t do anything to directly alleviate mental stress and improve mood.

5-Hydroxyl-L-Tryptophan (5-HTP)

A precursor to serotonin production, 5-HTP improves mood and eases stress. 5-HTP also increases melatonin production, which regulates and improves the sleep cycle.

This may seem incidental to weight loss, as lack of sleep increases hunger-causing hormones and leads to weight gain. For effective weight loss, Arizona-based sleep clinic director Michael Breus recommends getting 7.5 hours of sleep each night [10]. If you’re having trouble meeting that minimum, 5-HTP may help.

Appetite Control Matrix

Finally, the Appetite Control Matrix increases satiety and decreases hunger cravings that may be sabotaging your diet.

Dandelion Root

Dandelion is a safe and effective diuretic that cleanses the system and may trigger some initial water weight loss. It’s also rich in vitamins and minerals that treat gastrointestinal upset.

However, there is no direct evidence dandelion increases satiety or fights hunger. Initial findings from animal studies suggest dandelion may normalize blood sugar, which has a positive effect on appetite control [11]. Unfortunately, these results are not verified and haven’t been tested in humans.

Yohimbe Bark

Often used as a fat burner, yohimbe bark may also have appetite suppressing properties. In one study, subjects who took yohimbe experienced less hunger and lower overall calorie intake than subjects taking a placebo [12].

Moreover, while yohimbe reduced carb and fat intake, it didn’t neutralize protein intake. Because protein increases satiety, this is a particularly exciting study.

Rauwolfia Root

A common anxiety treatment, rauwolfia calms the brain and body, which decreases cortisol production. While less cortisol doesn’t lead to fat burning, it does prevent future weight gain by limiting stress. In a 1953 academic paper, scientists note rauwolfia may also treat high blood pressure [13].
It seems rauwolfia may fit better in the Euphoria Blend.

I like that Vanish approaches weight loss from so many different angles. However, I wish they would have done so with more innovated ingredients. While caffeine and green tea are certainly effective, ingredients like raspberry ketone—while popular—are less reliable.

Furthermore, while I like diet pills that aim to boost mood in addition to metabolism, I’m not sure the Euphoria Blend is the best use of space in an already crowded diet pill.

Obviously, nothing can really be known until Vanish is released and individual ingredient amounts are revealed.

Is Vanish Expensive?

The only pricing information I could find on Vanish listed the regular price as $64.99. Through, however, you can buy 1 bottle for $38.99 or 2 for $75.99.

It’s too early to say if this is the best deal on Vanish, as i-Supplements is among the only websites to list Vanish.

When Will It Be Available?

Multiple sources place Vanish’s release date sometime in June 2013. Keep checking back for more up-to-date information through, or supplement news websites like

Should You Wait For Vanish?

Without more information on ingredient amount, it’s hard to make a judgment call on Vanish. However, the ingredient list hasn’t convinced me Vanish is anything other than a generic weight loss formula with some extra—and probably unnecessary—padding.

If you’re still interested in Vanish, I recommend waiting until more is revealed on this product, and even until customer reviews start cropping up. With a new company like ProSupps, you want to be careful where you spend your money.


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