T5 Fat Burners

T5 Fat Burners purportedly produces a strong thermogenic fat burning effect, boosts the metabolism, increases energy, and is fast acting. Sounds like a dream come true to the weight loss community, right?

T5 Fat Burners is gaining quite a bit of popularity in the UK, so I wanted to take a closer look at everything there is to know about T5 Fat Burners to see if it is something worth trying.

What’s Under the Cap?

T5 Fat Burners features several ingredients. Here is a closer look at some main ingredients in T5 Fat Burner’s formula:

Bitter Orange (Citrus Aurantium, Synephrine) (300 mg)
Also referred to as citrus aurantium, bitter orange is used to optimize weight loss, and research shows this fat-burning result from its synpehrine content.
Studied synephrine amounts range from 10-53 mg per day and were taken for 6-12 weeks. [1]

Caffeine Anhydrose (100 mg)

According to research, 8 mg/kg caffeine when compared to a placebo was shown to increase metabolic rate significantly as well as fat oxidation. [2]

Depending on how much you weigh, there may be more than enough caffeine in T5 Fat Burners to produce similar metabolic-boosting effects.

Phenylethylamine (50 mg)

Also referred to as PEA, phenylethylamine has been shown to affect “feel good” hormones like dopamine. [3]

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find an optimal dose amount.

Guarana (20 mg)

This ingredient has been shown to boost fat oxidation in animal studies. [4]

Green Tea 40% Extract (20 mg)

The key components of green tea are called catechins. These components are able to reduce body fat. A studied effective amount is around 690 mg catechins per day for 12 weeks. [5]

I am unsure whether there is enough catechins in T5 Fat Burner’s green tea 40% extract to produce significant weight-loss results.

Claimed Awards

The official T5 Fat Burners website lists an impressive number of awards and certifications for the product. There are 4 seals/awards:

• Best Diet Pill of 2013 from Research Diet Pills
• 2013 Editor’s Choice Award from TopRatedDietPills.com
• Good Manufacturing Practice seal (GMP)
• VersiSign Secured

However, there are problems with these claims.

ResearchDietPills.com is a review website with a top-choice list. T5 Fat Burner does not appear on that list. In fact, ResearchDietPills.com doesn’t even have a review for the product. They rate Abidexin as the #1 diet pill, which has no connection to T5 Fat Burner.

TopRatedDietPills.com is another review site, with a top-10 editor’s choice list. Once again, T5 Fat Burners does not appear in any part of the list or have a review on the site. Apidexin is their #1 choice.

The GMP seal applies to products whose companies follow guidelines set forth by the FDA. Biogen Health Science manufacturers T5 Fat Burners, and they are a company in the UK. I was initially confused as to why a UK company is claiming U.S. certification. Sure enough, the official GMP list does not include Biogenic Health Science or T5 Fat Burners.

Finally, the VeriSign Secured seal is a security assurance. VeriSign is used on e-commerce sites to ensure customers that their purchasing information is secure. It’s a good sign of honest business practices.

However, a legitimate VeriSign seal always links to the VeriSign page and explains what it is and gives site certification details. The logo on the T5 Fat Burners website is just a non-linking image. They appear to have taken the VeriSign seal and fraudulently applied it to their website.

These awards or seals and approvals on the T5 Fat Burners website are fraudulent. The product is not #1 on any of the listed sites, and government and security symbols have been used to create a false sense of security and trust.

The Verdict

I do not recommend T5 Fat Burners in the least. The ingredients are mediocre, and you end up paying roughly $1 per serving. The awards and certification claims are completely fraudulent, which says a lot about the product itself.

Don’t waste your money on T5 Fat Burners.


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Mega-T Sculpt

Mega-T Sculpt is a weight loss supplement aimed at burning fat and carbs.

The manufacturers claim to use clinically proven ingredients so customers lose weight fast.

Do the ingredients in the supplement live up to this claim?

We took a closer look at the ingredient profile to find out if Mega-T Sculpt is worth the investment.

Active Ingredients in Mega-T Sculpt

Mega-T Sculpt features a proprietary blend, so it’s impossible to check the effectiveness of each individual ingredient.


Studies are conflicted in proving if chromium is connected to weight loss. Participants in one study lost an average of 2.5 pounds after 2-3 months. [1] However, other studies show chromium does not complement diet and exercise in weight loss. [2][3][4]

Green Coffee Extract

Green coffee bean extract is possibly the most plentiful ingredient in Mega-T Sculpt, according to the packaging. However, the proprietary blend does not reveal how much of this ingredient is used.

One clinical trial shows participants took 1050 mg green coffee bean and lost an average of 10 pounds in 12 weeks, and researchers believe the weight loss was dose dependent. Because Mega T-Sculpt supplies a 325 mg proprietary blend, the dose might not be as effective in improving weight loss as in the study. [5]


Caffeine is a thermogenic ingredient that improves fat burning. The most effective dose is 400 mg, but doses as low as 100 mg have increased fat burn. [6]

Chokeberry Whole Fruit

Chokeberry has chemicals that balance blood glucose and regulate proper body weight. It also provides free radicals that fight obesity. [7]

Tart Cherry Whole Fruit

Tart Cherry features antioxidants that assist in muscle recovery after exercise and aid in more restful sleep. [8]

Raspberry Whole Fruit

Raspberries contain vitamin C and anthocyanins, which prevent oxidative damage to cells and fight microbes. [9]

Elderberry Whole Fruit

Elderberry boosts the immune system, reduces inflammation, and improves overall health. [10]

How Much Weight Can Mega-T Sculpt Help You Lose?

Mega-T Sculpt is a relatively new product, so independent reviews are unavailable. Luckily, the makers of Mega-T Sculpt set reasonable expectations for any diet pill.

With diet and exercise, Mega-T Sculpt may help customers lose 5, 10, and even 20 pounds. The weight loss depends on factors like age, body frame, starting weight, diet, and exercise.

Should You Buy Mega-T Sculpt?

According to the label, customers should take 1 capsule Mega-T Sculpt with a glass of water 20 minutes before a meal. The supplement can be taken 2-3 times per day.

Mega-T Sculpt is available through many third party retailers such as Amazon.com, Drugstore.com, and Walgreens, for between $14 and $20 per bottle. Each bottle supplies 45 capsules lasts between 15 days and a month.

Because Mega-T Sculpt uses a proprietary blend, it’s hard to know if the included doses are effective for weight loss. In addition, many of the berry ingredients appear to have little to do with weight loss.

Fortunately, the price is reasonable, making Mega-T Sculpt a low-risk weight loss option.


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2-Week Bootcamp Extreme Diet

Applied Nutrition is the creator of 2-Week Bootcamp Extreme Diet, a 4-in-1 diet program designed to cleanse and condition customers for serious dieting.

The 4 products within this diet are Fat Burner, Carb-Blocker, Colon Flush, and Bloat-Less.

Together they purportedly help dieters lose weight and prepare them for continued diet and exercise afterwards.

Let’s look at the manufacturer, ingredients, and customer reviews to determine if it’s a good option.

Who Is Applied Nutrition?

Applied Nutrition develops nutritional supplements based on rigorous standards and recent science. The company takes pride in providing high-quality products that make a difference in customers’ lives.

You can contact Applied Nutrition at:

5310 Beethoven Street
Los Angeles, CA, 90066

Phone: 800.297.3273


How Much Does 2-Week Bootcamp Extreme Diet Cost?

Usually, 2-Week Bootcamp Extreme Diet is only available through 3rd party retailers like LuckyVitamin.com and Amazon.com; however, those retailers currently list the product as “unavailable,” with no indications as to when or if it will become available again.

Additionally, the retailers do not list the former price of 2-Week Bootcamp Extreme diet. If the product does become available again, check back for updates on pricing.

How Do You Effectively Use It?

Applied Nutrition recommends taking 2 Fat Burner tablets in the morning with breakfast, 1 Carb-Blocker tablet twice daily before meals or snacks, 2 Colon Flush tablets in the evening with water, and 2 Bloat-Less softgels daily with water.

This product is not for use for people under 18, who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant. It also contains an ingredient known to cause birth defects.

2-Week Bootcamp Extreme Diet’s Key Ingredients

Each product features a different formula. Here’s a closer look at a few key ingredients in each one.

Fat Burner, 1300 mg Thermo Active Blend

Green Tea Extract (50% EGCG). Green tea is rich in fat-fighting polyphenols called catechins. One study found green tea (50 mg caffeine and 90 mg epigallocatechin gallate) raised levels of fat oxidation beyond that of plain caffeine or the placebo. [1]

CoffeeBerry Coffee (50% Caffeine). Coffee Berry, the fruit around the coffee bean, has recently been noted in the scientific and medical community as a promising supplement. Coffee Berry is high in polyphenols, which may treat diabetes and hyperlipidemia. [2]

So far, only animal trials have been conducted, and more testing is needed to confirm results and dosing amounts for human subjects.


Chromium, 100 mcg (83% RDA). Studies using 1000 mcg chromium found it reduced carbohydrate cravings in healthy, overweight women. Furthermore, it increased food satiety, reduced food intake, and triggered weight loss. [3]

Though Carb-Blocker utilizes less chromium than in the study, it may produce similar but less defined results.

White Kidney Bean Extract (20:1), 1000 mg. Studies show white kidney bean extract may promote weight loss by decreasing the absorption and digestion of carbohydrates. [4] Studies used 1500 mg of a specific brand, Phase 2, but the 1000 mg in 2-Week Bootcamp Extreme Diet may still provide positive results.

Colon Flush, 1442.8 mg Power Cleansing Blend

Acai Extract (4:1). Acai fruit has an abundance of antioxidants that heal and prevent harmful chemical reactions. Studies show acai pulp reduces glucose levels and cholesterol. [5]

Cascara Sagrada Powder. Cascara plant is an effective laxative and bowel cleanser. Some experts strongly advise against its use as it may cause dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, or dependency for proper digestion. [6] [7]

In adults, up to anywhere from 20 mg – 1000 mg cascara extract is used as a laxative. Consult with your doctor about proper and effective doses. [8]

Bloat-Less, 770 mg Bloat-Less Blend

Uva Ursi Extract. Uva ursi is an anti-inflammatory treatment, and studies show it effectively fights infection.

Too much uva ursi can be toxic; however, normal doses are 400-800 mg per day. [9]

Dandelion Powder. Dandelion powder is used as a diuretic, which reduces water weight and increases urine flow. It offers numerous health benefits, including improved liver health, reduced blood pressure, decreased inflammation, etc. [10]

Experts advise taking 500 mg powder extract daily, an amount possibly contained in this product’s proprietary blend. [10]

Are There Positive Customer Reviews?

On Amazon.com, 2-Week Bootcamp Extreme Diet earned 2 ½ out of 5 stars. The reviews are mixed; some customers expressed satisfaction and others stated it didn’t help them lose weight and triggered unwanted side effects. Here are some of the comments:

“Started taking it about a week ago and i can already see a difference ! Although ive taken it on an empty stomach a few times i felt sick to my stomach but it went away as soon as i ate something ! The colon cleanse isnt doing as much as i thought it would but as far as losing the weight its working :).” – great

“Not only did it not help…it made me feel sick….A friend of mine felt it worked great for her…..but this product was not for me.” – Angela Fisher

“I used this product for three months and let me tell you IT WORKS!!! I went from a Size 18 to a 12 in 3 months and no special dieting out working out! I was nearly in a size 10 but they stopped carrying it in stores. I wish they still carried it!” – N.C.

“I have tried other products from Applied Nutrition, like there 2 week acai berry cleanse, and I did like it, so this is nothing against the company. I only have about 5lbs i want to lose, so i thought this product would be a perfect way to lose that last 5. I eat healthy and exercise regularly. I figured this Boot Camp might give me that extra push I needed, boy was I wrong. I only taken this for 1 week, and I actually gained 4 lbs, that’s when I decided to stop. And I would be sooo hungry [and] nauseous and wanted to throw up, and then I would want to eat a lot. I think maybe if you have some real discipline and wont give into the hunger/binge cravings these pills gave me, and also can stand the really bad stomach pains and nausea, than give it ago.” – mzbabyber

Should You Buy?

I have mixed feelings regarding 2 Week Bootcamp Extreme Diet.

On one hand, it utilizes effective, clinically proven ingredients and offers large amounts of each ingredient or a large proprietary blend that could easily contain effective amounts.

On the other, some ingredients cause negative side effects, and many customers had a negative experience.

If you can find it on sale, it may be worth trying, but there are more reliable supplements available.


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BeautyWhey is said to be “the best-tasting protein in the history of sports supplementation.”[1]

With a penchant for the gourmet, BeautyWhey is a protein powder specifically formulated with women in mind.

And, nothing exemplifies BeautyFits’s desire to provide for female athletes than the 2 years spent formulating BeautyWhey to be “final evolution in protein and will set the standard by which taste is measured in the industry!”

Does BeautyWhey taste as good as an ice cream milkshake and still provide results?

A Protein Shake With Gourmet Taste

According to BeautyFit, BeautyWhey comes from 2 years of taste testing, sampling hundreds of prototypes, and the latest scientific research.

A statement from BeautyFit.com says, “The formula starts with the cleanest protein sources commercially available and combines it with Nu Creamer High Oleic EFAs.

This unique combination gives BeautyWhey® an ice-cream parlor milkshake taste unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

We’re so confident that this is the absolute best tasting protein powder ever formulated that we openly challenge any of our competitors to match our flavor!”[1]

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any customer reviews verifying these claims. The list of flavors available, however, is impressive:

• Hawt Chocolate
• Sexy Strawberry
• Vixen Vanilla
• Luscious Lemon
• Bombshell Banana
• Sin-O-Bun

Is the BeautyWhey Formula Effective?

Taste can be important, especially for women looking for something a little more refined. But the formula also needs to be effective to be worth buying. Below is a brief look at the science behind BeautyWhey:

Whey and Casein Protein – 15 g

Extracted from milk, whey and casein protein build muscle and aid in muscle recovery. When healthy volunteers consumed 20 g whey or casein proteins, they experienced increases in muscle protein synthesis and a peak in amino acids.[2]

Creatine Monohydrate – 359 mg

Creatine monohydrate converts into ATP, an energy source for bursts of physical activity. As energy increases, muscles have a greater capacity to work and increased power.

In one clinical study, participants received a placebo or 25 g creatine before performing bench press and squat exercises. Experts concluded creatine caused a serious increase in power output.

However, creatine has been deemed ineffective for exercises requiring endurance, such as running or swimming.[3]

Taurine – 325 mg

Taurine aids muscle recovery and repair. Animal studies look promising, but human trials are still few in number. However, taurine was tested on one study involving cyclists. After taking taurine before cycling, participants experienced reduced muscle damage and soreness.[4]

Is BeautyWhey Safe to Use?

BeautyWhey is considered safe when used as directed. It is also free of lactose, making it suitable for those with dairy intolerances.

However, there are some possible mild side effects.

Protein is commonly associated with increased thirst, nausea, bloating, cramps, and headaches. Protein poisoning is also possible if consumed in high amounts.[5]

How to Take BeautyWhey Effectively

BeautyWhey can be taken at any time of day, but manufactures suggest taking a serving in the morning and another right after exercise.

To use, mix 1 serving (1 scoop) BeautyWhey into your choice of beverage. BeautyWhey has been formulated to eliminate the need for machine mixing. Just add a scoop and shake until thoroughly mixed.

If you prefer a thicker consistency, BeautyWhey can be mixed in a blender with ice.

Where Can You Buy BeautyWhey?

BeautyWhey is fairly expensive when compared to other protein powders. BeautyFit.com sells BeautyWhey for $59.99 for a 2 pound jug. However, it is currently on sale for $44.99.

You also purchase a 1.5 pound jug for $39.99.

Other sites selling BeautyWhey are a little more affordable:

Supplementing.com – $37.99
eSupplements.com – $38.99

A Final Look at BeautyWhey

BeautyWhey seems expertly formulated and does a good job targeting women as a sole audience.

However, BeautyWhey is still fairly new and there are few customers sharing practical knowledge of BeautyWhey’s results. It’s an expensive product to take a chance on.


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Cellusyn Raspberry Ketone

Cellusyn is the maker of Raspberry Ketone, a new product claimed to pack a powerful thermogenic punch. Furthermore, it is said to have a higher amount of raspberry ketone than its competitors.

Raspberry Ketone is promised to help consumers lose at least 1-2 pounds per week until their desired weight goal is met. It supposedly does this by boosting metabolism, increasing rate of fat breakdown, and curbing appetite.

These promises sound great, but can Raspberry Ketone deliver results? Let’s check out research behind raspberry ketone before making a decision.

What Is Raspberry Ketone?

Cellusyn Raspberry Ketone contains 500 mg raspberry ketone. Similar products typically supply between 100-500 mg of this ingredient, so Cellusyn offers more per serving than its competitors. But, there is not enough research to know how much raspberry ketone is safe or effective in humans.

Studies show rodents fed a high-fat diet in addition to raspberry ketones dropped significant body fat compared to rodents not given raspberry ketones. [1] Researchers concluded raspberry ketones are effective at reducing fat, particularly abdominal fat.

Another study completed in vitro showed raspberry ketones induce higher rates of fat-burning and fat oxidation, which is in line with Cellusyn’s claims. [2]

What Are The Side Effects?

Though raspberry ketone has not been tested with humans and no official recommendations or advisory claims have been made, some doctors state the supplement may act like a stimulant. Therefore, those with heart conditions or medical issues should be wary of taking raspberry ketone supplements. [3]

Is Raspberry Ketone Expensive?

Cellusyn Raspberry Ketone is available directly from Cellusyn.com for $39.95; this includes a 30-day supply. However, the best price I could find was $37.95 at eSupplements.com.

Additional options from Cellusyn.com include a 60-day supply for $69.95 or a 90-day supply for $99.95. Orders for 2 or more bottles come with free shipping and a guarantee. eSupplements.com offers the same quantities for $64.95 and $89.95, respectively.

To order from Cellusyn directly, visit Cellusyn.com or call (866) 478-7240. For the lower price, visit eSupplements.com.

What Is The Guarantee Policy?

Cellusyn offers a 90-day, money-back guarantee for any customers unsatisfied with their purchase. Return any remaining portion of your bottle, plus unopened additional bottles to receive your full refund. eSupplements.com, which offers the better price, has a 60-day money-back guarantee.

How Do You Use Cellusyn Raspberry Ketone?

Take 1 capsule twice daily with 2 cups water. Never exceed 2 capsules per day.

Raspberry Ketone is intended for people over 18 years old.

Are Customers Pleased?

Customer reviews are found on Cellusyn.com. Several customers indicate Raspberry Ketone worked for them and helped them lose substantial weight, varying from 15-90 pounds each.

Because Cellusyn.com is selling its own product, the reviews presented may be biased. Though they may be legitimate reviews, it is in a customer’s best interest to wait until reviews on 3rd party sites are available, demonstrating the product works as advertised.


Cellusyn Raspberry Ketone contains a heavy dose of raspberry ketones. Though there is a lack of customer reviews from other websites, the promising animal research coupled with an affordable price and positive customer reviews leave me thinking Cellusyn Raspberry Ketone is a good option for those who are serious about safe, effective weight loss.


[1] “Raspberry Ketone: Fat-Burner in a Bottle.” The Dr. Oz Show. Harpo, Inc. http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/miracle-fat-burner-bottle.

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TruDERMA Trim utilizes green coffee bean and raspberry ketone for natural, yet effective weight loss.

This product is advertised to reduce overall body weight while limiting dietary fat absorption. It also offers an energy boost, as each serving contains the caffeine equivalent to half a cup of coffee.

Advertisements paint an impressive picture of TruDERMA U Trim, but can it live up to the hype?

What’s Inside The Bottle?

TruDERMA U Trim is made of pure, natural ingredients clinically proven to enhance weight loss. Each ingredient is listed with their purpose below.

Proprietary GCBE Extract – 300 mg

This is a special proprietary green coffee bean extract blend designed by TruDERMA. According to the label, it contains 5% caffeine and 50% chlorogenic acid, the active ingredient for stimulating weight loss.

One study shows subjects who consumed chlorogenic acid-enriched coffee lost 5.4 kg body fat, whereas subjects who drank normal coffee only lost 1.7 kg. Chlorogenic acid also reduced glucose absorption by 6.9%. [1]

Svetol® Green Coffee Bean Extract – 133 mg

Svetol is a patented decaffeinated green coffee bean extract designed to reduce excess fat. It also detoxifies the body and limits lipid oxidation in the liver. [2]

A study conducted on Svetol shows subjects reduced body weight by 5.7% after supplementing for 60 days, whereas the control group reduced weight by 2.9%. It reduces fat by increasing the breakdown of fatty deposits for energy and preventing future fat accumulation. [3]

TruDERMA U Trim features 433 mg green coffee bean extract per serving. You may take 3 servings a day, which provides a daily dose of 1299 mg. A study led by Joe A. Vinson shows 1050 mg per day is a successful dose. [4]

Raspberry Ketone – 150 mg

Raspberry ketone is derived from red raspberries and is structurally similar to capsaicin and synephrine (other substances commonly used for weight loss). [5]

Raspberry ketone alters lipid metabolism and lowers hepatic triacyglycerol content. It effectively reduces visceral adipose tissue and liver fat, which not only trims those inches but also reduces risk of certain diseases such as heart failure. [5]

Unfortunately, most studies have been done on rodents. More human research is needed before a recommended dose can be determined.

How to Take It

The manufacturer suggests taking 1 capsule (1 serving) per dose. You may take up to 3 doses a day. The best time is 30 minutes before every meal with 8 oz. water.

As this product contains the caffeine content of half a cup of coffee per serving, the suggested daily dose would yield the equivalent of about 2 ½ cups. Experts suggest keeping caffeine intake under 200 mg a day, which is roughly the amount in 2 cups coffee. [6]

If you are already drinking coffee or caffeinated beverages, your daily caffeine intake might be pushed too high. If you feel over-stimulated or have a caffeine sensitivity, reduce the recommended dose.

Who Made TruDERMA U Trim?

TruDERMA is a nutraceutical and cosmetic company established in 2011. It is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and it was awarded GNC’S sought-after “Rising Star Award” in 2012. [7]

TruDERMA looks like a top-notch company based on these factors:

• Professional company website (Truderma.com)
• Official Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages
• Better Business Bureau Accreditation (A- Rating)
• Customer Support (call 1-855-479-2700)
• 30-Day Return Policy

Although it appears the company can be trusted to deliver high-quality products, the best way to determine TruDERMA U Trim’s efficacy is to see what customers have to say about it.

What Customers Are Saying

For the most part, customers are leaving positive feedback about TruDERMA U Trim.

“I’ve been struggling with my last 20 lbs, I’ve been on this item for a little over 2 weeks and have already lost 5 lbs!!” – caraloves, GNC.com

In general, customers have not reported adverse side effects to this product. However, some people complain it causes extreme gassiness.

“I have not had any jittery feeling or strange side effects and I’ve lost 5lbs so far so I’m happy.. The reason why I did not give it 5 stars is because…WOAH DOES IT MAKE YOU GASSY!!!! Which I guess could be annoying and embarrassing but who cares once it’s helping to shed the LBS..”
– Pen Name, Amazon.com

Where to Get It

TruDERMA U Trim is offered for $30.00 on Truderma.com. However, it is sold for a lower price through several other retailers.

TigerFitness.com, eSupplements.com, and VitaCost.com are cheaper online sources; Amazon.com offers the lowest online price at $17.99.

If you prefer local options, you can visit a nearby GNC or Walgreens location. Walgreens has the better price at $17.99, whereas GNC offers it for $29.99.

Is TruDERMA U Trim recommended?

TruDERMA U Trim contains a simple, yet clinically-proven ingredient blend that likely delivers noticeable results. Although customers complained about excessive gas, I did not find any reports of serious health issues occurring from product use.

For most people questing after weight loss, TruDERMA U Trim is a viable option. However, it’s probably not the best option for people with caffeine sensitivity or who habitually drink large amounts of caffeine. If you have your doubts, get a doctor’s opinion before buying this product.


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[7] “About Us.” Truderma.com. Available from: http://www.truderma.com/pages/what-is-truderma

Cellusyn Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green coffee bean has received much attention in the past few years for its influence on weight loss, which led Cellusyn Laboratories to create a new supplement called Cellusyn Green Coffee Bean Extract.

Each bottle contains 60 servings of pure, high-quality green coffee bean extract including 51.2% chlorogenic acid (the active compound in green coffee bean responsible for weight loss).

Although more research is needed before we understand everything about green coffee bean, there are many clinical studies supporting its use for weight loss.

Clinical Evidence

Research shows green coffee bean influences weight loss and fat accumulation in multiple ways.

First, it discourages fat accumulation by inhibiting fatty acid synthase and activating fat-metabolizing mechanisms, especially in the liver. It is effective for reducing liver fat and also lowers blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. [1][2]

Second, it improves lipid metabolism and stabilizes obesity-related hormones such as leptin and insulin. It then optimizes glucose absorption, allowing the body to produce more energy while absorbing less fuel from food. [2][3]

Green coffee bean is especially effective for reducing visceral fat which accumulates around abdominal organs. While visceral fat often doesn’t affect physical appearance as much as surface fat, it poses the biggest risk for health complications such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and dementia. [1][4]

A study was performed in Korea to test green coffee bean’s effects on obese women. After supplementing for 8 weeks, subjects reduced visceral fat by 4.7% and total body fat by 4.8%. Weight loss was especially significant in visceral fat accumulated around spinal vertebra. [5]

Recommended Use

Cellusyn Green Coffee Bean Extract is intended for use twice daily (1 capsule before breakfast and another before lunch). Absorption is best when taken before meals with 8-12 oz. water.

The manufacturer states this product is safe for daily consumption and may be taken even after weight loss goals are reached. Each bottle contains 60 capsules and yields a month supply.

Diet and exercise maximize weight loss, but are not required to achieve results with Cellusyn Green Coffee Bean Extract.

What’s An Effective Dose?

Each Cellusyn Coffee Bean Extract contains 800 mg pure coffee bean extract, giving you a daily dose of 1600 mg if you follow dosing instructions.

WebMD experts suggest taking 700-1050 mg green coffee bean extract per day for weight loss. Doctor Oz, a medical doctor and famous TV personality, says never to trust an extract that recommends a daily dose less than 1200 mg. [6]

Safety Concerns

So far, scientists have not observed any health complications caused from a high dose or long-term supplementation of green coffee bean. Therefore, Cellusyn Coffee Bean Extract should not induce negative side effects. [6][7]

Green coffee bean contains caffeine and might agitate people with caffeine or stimulant sensitivity. However, this is unlikely because green coffee bean extracts contain approximately 20% the caffeine found in 1 cup of coffee (between 100-150 mg). [6][8]

No medications are known to interact with green coffee bean. However, if you’re on a medication regimen, it’s always wise to consult your doctor before using a new supplement. [6]

The Best Price

Cellusyn Green Coffee Bean Extract is offered through the official website, as well as several other major retailers.

Here is an online price comparison for 1 bottle:

• Cellusyn.com – $39.95
• Supplementing.com – $38.95
• eSupplements.com – $37.95

If you already know you like this product, Cellusyn.com offers special deals on multiple bottles including free shipping. However, eSupplements.com is the best option for first-time buyers. Your purchase is protected by a high-quality money-back guarantee, so you can return the product if you don’t like it.

Is Cellusyn Green Coffee Bean Extract Recommended?

Cellusyn Green Coffee Bean Extract is a professional-grade supplement that provides a perfect dose for stimulating significant weight loss. It should not induce side effects, even when taken for a prolonged time period. They offer the highest quality and value on the market, the competition isn’t even close.

This product is a good option if you want an all-natural supplement to help you reach your weight loss goals. It is effective not only for weight loss, but also reduces risk of disease and boosts overall health.


[1] Hiroshi Shimoda, Emi Seki, and Michio Aitani. “Inhibitory Effect of Green Coffee Bean Extract on Fat Accumulation and Body Weight Gain in Mice.” BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2006, 6:9. Available from: http://www.biomedcentral.com/1472-6882/6/9?fmt_math=yes&fmt_math_check=on

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How to Eat Less – What to Do to Control How Much You Eat?

Let’s face it: when it comes to weight loss, the biggest roadblock for most men is overeating.

Men love their food, and the thought of giving up a juicy steak to eat a few bites of “rabbit food” is less than appealing.

how to eat less

Can you really figure out how to eat less without making it a miserable experience?

Here are some tips to help men know how to eat less and lose weight!

  • Stick to a Plan
  • Limit Your Serving Size
  • Slow Down
  • Fiber and Filling Food
  • Eat More Often
  • Add a Supplement

1. Plan Meals in Advance

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. And when you fail to plan what you’re going to eat, you get lost in the endless whirlpool of fast food, restaurants, and microwavable food.

Unfortunately, most ready-made food has more calories than you need as well as little to no nutritional value. Shockingly, a fast food restaurant within a tenth of a mile of a school was associated with a 5.2% increase in obesity rate in students. [1]

So how do you solve this predicament? Take control of your meals! Decide which healthy meals you are going to eat the next week, and do all necessary shopping in advance.

Each morning, prepare your own lunch; that way, you’re in control of your calorie intake. When you get home, cook your own dinners. Remember, there are plenty of easy recipes on the internet for beginning chefs. It can be invigorating to make a list of healthy recipes to try.

Taking control of your meal plan can help you lose serious weight, and keep it off for good. In a study, adults who reported not eating at fast-food restaurants were more successful at maintaining weight loss than those who did. [2]

2. Watch Portions

The formula is simple enough: larger portions lead to more calories, and more calories leads to weight gain.

It’s difficult to know how much you’re eating—and overeating. That’s why you should use this portion-size guide to visualize how much you’re taking in as you divvy portions:

• 1 cup = baseball
• ½ cup = light bulb
• 1 oz.= golf ball
• 1 tbsp.= poker chip
• 3 oz. meat = deck of cards
• 3 oz. fish = checkbook [3]

When you eat a meal, portion your plate in advance. Fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables, and the rest of your plate with a good protein source, some healthy whole grain sources (preferably not refined carbs like tortillas or chips), and perhaps some dairy.

When you sit down to eat, don’t leave food in front of you so you can take extra portions. Decide what your portion will be, and stick with it as much as possible.

Be sure to measure snacks as well. Divide a portion of what you’re going to snack on and put it in a plastic bag. Eating directly out of the box or bag causes you to eat much more than you need.

3. Chew Slowly

While you may be a champion in the gym or on the track, eating is no race against the clock. In fact, chewing slowly helps you eat less and lose weight.

Studies show chewing 40 chews per bite, rather than 15 chews, helps subjects eat 11.9% less food. [4]

So, take your time. Chew thoroughly. Drink water with your meal. Give yourself time to digest. You may discover your hunger disappears with much less food intake than you originally thought you needed.

4. Eat Filling Foods

To eat less without feeling starved, you need to eat the right types of foods.

Getting enough protein through foods like fish, lean meat, and beans fills you up and makes you less likely to overeat. So does eating foods that contain fiber, like oatmeal, raspberries, split peas, artichokes, and broccoli, and foods with healthy fats, like nuts, avocados, and coconut oil.

On the other hand, you’ll want to avoid foods with a lower nutritional value and excess calories.

For example, refined carbohydrates raise blood sugar and are often stored as fat. [5]

And, many people find fatty and sugary foods make them crave more fatty and sugary foods. That’s because these foods give a quick energy boost but don’t keep you fueled for the long term. [6]

5. Eat Frequently

Many people trying to lose weight make the mistake of skipping meals. Instead of helping you eat less, it might make you eat more!

A consistent meal rhythm—distributing calories throughout the day–is crucial to prevent overeating. [7]

Breakfast is especially important, because breakfast boosts metabolism and helps you produce fat-burning enzymes. Those who skip breakfast typically overeat throughout the day to make up for lost calories. [8]

6. Use a Diet Pill

Many diet pills contain ingredients that suppress appetite, making it easier to eat less.

One common appetite-suppressing ingredient in diet pills is African mango. In a study, African mango improved levels of leptin, a hormone that regulates appetite and hunger. African mango’s properties led to significant weight loss. [9]

Other ingredients in diet pills improve fat burning processes. For example, the chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean reduces glucose absorption, causing the body to burn fat for fuel. [10]

You can find a list of the best diet pills for men here on DietPills.com. By adding a diet pill to a healthy eating pattern, you will unlock the secret on how to eat less. Soon, you’ll be saying hello to a lighter, healthier you!


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GenXLabs Lean X4

GenXLabs displays pictures of models wearing pants too big for them, holding the pants as if to say, “look how much weight I’ve lost on Lean X4.”

The company claims Lean X4 makes your pants-size shrink. With ingredients like raspberry ketone and T2 Thyroid, Lean X4 is designed to melt fat and boost metabolism.

But does Lean X4 enable you to look like those models, with pants 4 times bigger than your fabulous new size? Let’s take a look at research to decide.

What Ingredients Are In Lean X4?

Lean X4 contains a few vitamins and these ingredients:

Raspberry Ketone 100 mg. Raspberry ketone is the chemical in red raspberries responsible for their aroma. Studies show this ingredient has anti-obese actions and alters lipid metabolism. One animal study showed raspberry ketones improved mice obesity and fatty liver tissue. [1]

Human trials still need to be conducted to determine if the effects cross over.

3,5 Diido-L-Thyronine (T2) 100 mcg. In animal studies, T2 effectively reduced body weight, even when subjects were on a high-fat diet.

One study conducted an experiment on humans to see if the effects carried over and found human body weight was significantly effected as well (decreased an average of 4%). [2]

7-Keto DHEA. 7-Keto DHEA is a by-product of the chemical DHEA, which is formed naturally in the body. It is used to speed metabolism and heat production to promote weight loss. It also improves lean body mass and builds muscle by increasing activity in the thyroid gland. [3]

Lipotropic Blend 675 mg

Lipase. Lipase breaks down fat. [4]

One study of 18 subjects found lipase reduced bloating, gas, and fullness after a high-fat meal. Researchers speculate lipase treats symptoms of indigestion. [5]

More studies need to be done to determine effective doses.

Choline Bitartrate. Though more studies are needed to determine choline’s effects on weight loss, it is an essential nutrient that transports fat and is involved in muscle control and memory. [6]

Inositol. Inositol is similar to a vitamin and is typically used to treat nerve pain, high cholesterol, depression, higher blood pressure, and high triglycerides. [7]

One study on rats showed inositol deficiency caused liver glyceride buildup. Researchers concluded correcting the inositol deficiency would produce healthier livers and glyceride (fat) balances. [8]

More human research is needed to verify this effect.

L-Methionine. Methionine is an amino acid used to treat several conditions, including cancer, depression, drug withdrawal, and liver damage. However, I couldn’t find research directly linking it to weight loss. [9]

Who Is GenXLabs?

GenXLabs is a small supplement company with little information available for the public.

One online customer complaint details a conflict with a subdivision of GenXLabs, Iwin Labs. The customer states the company sent her a free 14-day trial to try a product. But, she received the product after 10 days and was charged before she could even send it back. Customer service responded by saying they would refund and stop continuing payments; however, she said it had not happened yet.

We don’t know exactly how tied GenXLabs is to this incident or the reliability of the customer. It does give us reason to be cautious, however.

What Are the Directions?

For use as a dietary supplement, GenXLabs recommends taking Lean X4 (1 capsule) twice daily. Never exceed 6 capsules in a 24-hour period.

This product can be combined with other products in the Lean Team: Lean Cream and Lean 650.

How Much Does Lean X4 Cost?

GenXLabs does not sell products on its website but instead through 3rd party retailers.

Lean X4 is available from BlackDiamondSupplements, OutLawSupplements, and Amazon.com for $29.95-$34.59.

Are There Reviews?

There is only one review for Lean X4; however, it is listed on multiple sites and even under multiple GenXLabs products, decreasing its credibility as a real or reliable customer review. Here it is:

Using this right now with the others from the Lean Team,, so far so goo. I am also using testabol, and using this stack to help keep water weight off of me as I am a 43yo female and with all test boosters ive used in the past ive had trouble with water retention. this lean stack really helps.” – Michelle L., MassForLife.com

Other GenXLabs products have a few more reviews, like Lean Cream (part of the Lean Team that includes Lean X4), and those are all positive; customers seem satisfied with the products they tried.

Buy or Deny?

Lean X4’s ingredients, like raspberry ketone, and T2, may help you lose weight, and there is some research to support their use. However, some ingredients need more testing on humans or studies linking them directly to weight loss.

The price is reasonable, but there are not many customer reviews indicating it works. So, before buying this product and spending money, I recommend waiting until more customers inform us Lean X4 has significantly impacted their weight loss.


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[2] Antonelli A, Fallahi P, Ferrari SM, Di Domenicantonio A, Moreno M, Lanni A, Goglia F. “3,5-diiodo-L-thyronine increases resting metabolic rate and reduces body weight without undesirable side effects.” J Biol Regul Homeost Agents. 2011 Oct-Dec;25(4):655-60. Available from: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/22217997/?i=3&from=/20080837/related

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Ab Cuts Thermo Rise O2

Thermo Rise O2 is a morning energy booster designed to burn fat and boost energy levels all day long. Thermo Rise O2 is a new edition to the Sleek and Lean product line developed by Ab Cuts.

Thermo Rise O2 not only burns fat throughout the day; it also controls appetite and improves mental alertness. This product benefits professional athletes as well as individuals trying to reach their weight loss goals.

One of the most appealing aspects of Thermo Rise O2 is its convenient dosing. This product was designed to easily fit into a busy schedule, requiring users to only remember 1 step in the morning.

But is it that easy to achieve an energy boost that lasts the entire day?

Daily Usage

The product label provides specific instructions for using Thermo Rise O2 every day.

In the morning before you start your day, take 1 serving (2 soft gel capsules). It is recommended you monitor the product’s effects for the first few days to determine personal tolerance. Dosing can be reduced to 1 capsule if the effects are too strong.

If you have a high tolerance, the effects might start to wear off by lunchtime. If this occurs, take 1-2 additional capsules at midday.

To prevent toxicity, never exceed 4 capsules per day.

Avoid taking Thermo Rise O2 within 6 hours of bedtime. This product is an energy booster and makes it difficult to sleep.

According to the label, this product has not been tested for continued use longer than 8 weeks. After 8 weeks, take a few weeks off to give your body a break. Consult your doctor if you plan to use Thermo Rise O2 for longer than 1 year.

What’s In Thermo Rise O2?

Thermo Rise O2 is advertised to keep working all day long. To test this claim, I researched the primary ingredients in its formula.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) – 850 mg is effective for reducing body fat mass and discouraging fat accumulation. It reduces caloric intake from food without affecting energy intake.[1]

One study dosed overweight volunteers with 3.4 or 6.8 g CLA daily for 12 weeks. Repeated-measures analysis showed the group dosed with CLA had significant reduction in body fat mass, whereas the placebo group showed little change. This data suggests “conjugated linoleic acid may reduce body fat mass in humans.”[2]

Thermo Rise O2 does not contain enough CLA to achieve results seen in this study.

Green Coffee Bean – 150 mg has been extensively studied for its role in weight loss.

One study monitored the effects of 700-1050 mg green coffee bean. Results show green coffee bean significantly reduced body weight and body fat mass. These results were achieved without changing diet or exercise habits.[3]

Follow-up research performed by the same team of scientists shows green coffee bean reduces body fat mass by 16% on average. Subjects lost an average of 17 lbs. per person.[4]

Clinical tests have been successful when using high green coffee bean doses, usually between 700-1050 mg.[3][4] Thermo Rise O2 does not contain enough to deliver the same effects as the study.

Raspberry Ketone – 70 mg stimulates secretion of adiponectin, a hormone responsible for regulating and maintaining body weight. This increases lipolysis in adipose tissue, processing fat lipids more efficiently. It also stimulates fatty acid oxidation in 3T3-L1 cells, which inhibits fat accumulation in adipocytes.[5]

There has not been enough research conducted on humans to determine a recommended dosing amount.

Coleus Forskohlii – 100 mg stimulates B-adrenergic receptors and induces thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue. Thermogenic activity is diminished with age, and is thought to be a factor in age-related weight gain.[6]

Coleus forskohlii also increases oxygen intake while simultaneously lowering body temperature. Because of this, coleus forskohlii is sometimes used as a performance enhancer.[6]

Coleus forskohlii is proven effective at doses ranging between 1.8-3.5 mg per kg body weight per day.[6] Depending on your weight, Thermo Rise O2 may contain an effective dose.

Cordyceps – 100 mg enhances performance by increasing the metabolic and ventilatory threshold. This postpones the onset of lactic acid and helps the body push through longer workouts.[7][8]

One study achieved results by dosing with 333 mg cordyceps 3 times a day for 12 weeks.[7] Thermo Rise O2 does not contain enough to mimic the study but hopefully will have a positive effect.

Caffeine – 150 mg stimulates the central nervous system.[9] Caffeine has been studied for its effects on exercise performance.

One clinical trial studied the effects of 330 mg taken 60 minutes before exercising. Competitive cyclists were used as trial subjects. The cyclists dosed with caffeine averaged 90.2 minutes on the bike before reaching exhaustion. The placebo group only averaged 75.5 minutes. Researchers conclude “the enhanced endurance observed in the trial was likely the combined effects of caffeine on lipolysis and its positive influence on nerve impulse transmission.”[10]

However, Thermo Rise O2 doesn’t contain enough to resemble this clinical trial, although 150 mg might still offer benefit.

Word of Caution

Some ingredients found in Thermo Rise O2 merit a word of caution before use.

For instance, coleus forskohlii increases bleeding and worsens bleeding disorders. Coleus forskohlii can make it difficult to recover after surgery. Avoid using Thermo Rise O2 for at least 2 weeks before a scheduled surgery.[11]

Raspberry ketone is chemically related to the stimulant synephrine. It has been reported to cause jitteriness, restlessness, and increased blood pressure. People sensitive to stimulants should avoid products containing raspberry ketone.[12]

Products containing caffeine are not recommended for people with anxiety or sleep disorders, as it worsens the condition. Caffeine is known to cause insomnia, nervousness, anxiety, restlessness, vomiting, and increased heart rate.[9]

Stop using Thermo Rise O2 if you notice any of these symptoms developing.

Customers Who Used It

The only customer reviews currently available are positive toward Thermo Rise O2. Unfortunately, the only source for customer reviews is GNC.com, the official retailer.

“The Ab Cuts Thermo Rise gave me everything I wanted in one bottle! I take two pills in the morning to start my day and it gives me the energy to last through the workday and did not give me the jitters. I also take two pills before my workouts to help burn my belly fat. I love the fact that it is all natural. I will continue to buy Ab Cuts products. Great thermo!” – Staci1234

“I think this product is absolutely fantastic. I have been taking it for about one month and definitely feel less bloated and thinner. It has great ingredients and you feel 100% better using it. Also, there is no jittery feeling that so many diet products demonstrate. A great deal for the money.” – Sandra_Eichler

Although these reviews might be biased towards promoting Thermo Rise O2, it does make the product look promising. Many customers were pleased with Thermo Rise O2 for boosting energy without unpleasant side effects such as jitteriness.

It will be easier to judge the efficacy or predict any adverse side effects once there are more customer reviews available. If you have tried Thermo Rise O2, please leave a comment below detailing your experience.

Where to Buy Thermo Rise O2

The entire Sleek and Lean product line is displayed on SleekNLean.com, although this site redirects to GNC.com when it’s time to purchase.

Currently, GNC.com is the only official retailer. However, I expect Thermo Rise O2 will follow the path of its fellow Ab Cuts products and will be offered through many other retailers in the near future.

GNC.com offers it for $59.99. GNC members can buy it for $47.99.

The cheapest price I found online is $47.99 from LuckyVitamin.com, eSupplements.com, and Drugstore.com.

I recommend buying through eSupplements.com so you can take advantage of the money-back guarantee. Arrange product returns by contacting the company at CustomerSupport@eSupplements.com.

Should You Buy It?

The formula features powerful ingredients proven effective. However, many ingredients require a much higher dose to provide maximum results. Thermo Rise O2’s formula does not contain the required doses needed to deliver studied results, though it may provide some positive benefits.

Based on customer reviews, the product seems effective without resulting in adverse side effects. But it will be hard to know how this product affects people until there’s more than one source for customer feedback.

If you want to increase energy levels while burning fat throughout the day, this product might work for you. Just remember to buy from eSupplements.com in case Thermo Rise O2 falls utterly flat.


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