Troxyphen Review

truDERMA calls its new product Troxyphen “a unique supplement designed to address the underlying cause of male weight gain: low testosterone.” Usually, fast food and lack of exercise get blamed for the “obesity epidemic.” But truDERMA blames the male sex hormone.

In 2012, a clinical study proved obese men are more likely to have low testosterone, and vice versa. So now, I’m curious to know if Troxyphen is effective. Can it really boost testosterone and reduce body fat? Here’s what my research reveals:

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What Do Users Say About Troxyphen?

Unfortunately, I don’t know. Finding any information on Troxyphen –let alone user reviews–is very difficult. The most likely place for users to leave reviews is because this is where Troxyphen is sold. No one has written a review yet.

It’s a shame there aren’t any reviews. Consumers could learn so much about Troxyphen by reading what users have to say. As it is, I had to rely solely on the formula to determine if Troxyphen is safe and effective.

What Are the Ingredients?

There are 3 proprietary blends in Troxyphen. One is formulated to increase testosterone levels naturally. The second contains fat burning ingredients. And the third is supposed to enhance effectiveness. These are the key ingredients:

Testofen is made from fenugreek extract. Clinical research shows it boosts testosterone, muscle mass, and strength in men.[1] In addition, Testofen increases free testosterone levels. Free testosterone is unbound, so your body can actually use it to burn fat and enhance libido.

L-Arginine enters the bloodstream and is quickly converted into nitric oxide. As nitric oxide levels increase, blood vessels relax and widen, and blood flow improves. L-arginine is beneficial for athletes and those who want to improve cardiovascular health. One study showed it improves erectile function, too.[2]

Tribulus Terrestris contains natural steroids that build muscle mass and strength. It’s also believed to release luteinizing hormones, which increase testosterone production. But human research has not proved this; only rat studies.[3]

DHEA is a naturally occurring hormone. The body makes DHEA and then converts it into testosterone. So can Troxyphen’s DHEA turn into testosterone? Probably not. Study participants who took DHEA supplements did not get higher testosterone levels. But their strength increased.[4]

Caffeine Anhydrous burns fat by increasing metabolic rate. Researchers showed it increases metabolism as much as 11%.[5] Caffeine anhydrous stimulates the central nervous system. The resulting benefits are increased energy, appetite suppression, and improved alertness.

Synephrine works like caffeine, but it’s more potent. During a study, participants who took synephrine lost more fat and had less hunger. What’s more, they did not experience any side effects. In fact, this stimulant didn’t even cause heart rate or blood pressure to increase significantly.[6]

Yohimbine HCL burns body fat and improves athletic performance.[7] Some researchers believe it prevents the body from inhibiting fat burn, too. The body may do this if it believes you’re in starvation mode. This can really interfere with weight loss efforts. The downside is yohimbine HCL is possibly unsafe. It may cause mild-to-severe side effects.[8]

BioPerine enhances nutrient digestion and absorption. It also improves nutrient delivery so your body feels the effects sooner.[9] truDERMA included BioPerine to make Troxyphen more potent and effective.

What Are the Dosages?

Troxyphen’s proprietary blends hide most dosages, but disclose a few. Below are the ingredients with disclosed dosages, the dosage per serving, and the researched dosage:

• Testofen – 300 mg per serving – 500 mg daily
• Caffeine Anhydrous – 200 mg per serving – 100-400 mg daily
• Synephrine – 20 mg per serving – 50 mg daily
• Yohimbine – 3 mg per serving – 20 mg daily
• BioPerine – 2 mg per serving – 5 mg daily

When you take 1 serving, you get the researched caffeine dosage. However, all the other dosages come up short. My first thought was consumers could take 2-3 servings to get the researched dosages. But Troxyphen’s warning label stopped that thought with this paragraph:

“Do not exceed recommended serving. Exceeding recommended serving may cause serious adverse health effects. Possible side effects include acne, hair loss, hair growth on the face (in women), aggressiveness, irritability, and increased levels of estrogen.”

Taking more than 1 serving probably isn’t a good idea. But with 1 serving, consumers will never get all the researched dosages.

Buying and Returning Troxyphen

Troxyphen contains 60 capsules (30-day supply). The retail price is $69.99, but sells it for $55.99. This was a pleasant surprise since GNC doesn’t usually offer discounts.

There are no other places to buy Troxyphen online. It might be sold in GNC stores.

The GNC website no longer displays a return policy. Back in the day, the online return policy applied to unused products returned within 30 days. Because the return policy is no longer displayed, I’m doubtful it still applies.

Even if the policy is still in effect, it’s not very useful. Users can’t tell if Troxyphen works without using it. But as soon as the product is used, GNC no longer accepts returns. The return policy in actual stores may be more lenient.

Is truDERMA a Reputable Company?

truDERMA has only been in business since October 2010. But already, the company received a prestigious award from GNC. The “Rising Star Award” goes to a new company that experiences significant sales growth within the first couple years. truDERMA received this award in 2011.

truDERMA has an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau for these reasons:

• The complaint volume is low (only 1 complaint in the past 3 years)
• The company responded to and resolved the complaint
• BBB has sufficient background information on truDERMA

The lone complaint was about a guarantee/warranty issue. No one has complained about bad products, unauthorized charges, or delivery issues.

Should You Buy Troxyphen?

Troxyphen is made by a reputable company. But I’m not convinced Troxyphen is an effective product. It contains ingredients that were proven to boost testosterone and burn fat. But all the dosages–except for the caffeine dosage–are too small.

Another concern I have is that yohimbine HCL might not be safe. There are reports of the stimulant causing kidney failure, heart attack, seizures, and other less serious side effects.

Troxyphen is not the best diet pill for boosting testosterone and burning fat. I suggest you keep looking.


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Comments on "Troxyphen"

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  1. Comment

    Troxyphen works perfect for me and I would recommend it for energy and weight loss. It controls my appetite very well and it’s excellent for exercise. Someone taking this product may not have to take two in one day because it’s very effective when providing energy and I don’t get the shakes or irritable feelings off it.

    Ernest Ivy
    October 7, 2014 at 3:19 pm
  2. Comment

    I got this for my boyfriend, hes in his 30′s. He didn’t feel like he necessarily needed something besides the regular protein or pre-workout he was taking, but after using this for 3 weeks I don’t think he is going to stop anytime soon.I could tell a difference in his energy before he even mentioned how great he was feeling… not to mention he is looking great too! He was slightly jittery in the beginning but I definitely recommend trying this.

    October 31, 2013 at 5:12 pm
  3. Comment

    I’m 49 years old, in the military & work out 5 days a week running 3 milesa day every MWF & doing PUs, SUs and Dumbbell Tng T/ Th. I’ve been using Troxyphen for 27-27 days. I was looking to buff up a bit & have extra sex-drive with my wife. To this point the physical results are negligible but about 3-days ago I suddenly could not sleep & am about to ‘come out of my skin’ with anxiety. I’m going to the Doctor in the AM and discontinuing use. There is little doubt this product is the culprit.

    Stan Schrader Jr
    August 12, 2013 at 12:06 am
    • Comment

      I only take potent fat burners early in the morning so I can sleep at night and if I get jitters I drink a glass of milk behind it and that takes away the jitters. Exercising right away, is another technique for taking away the jitters. Vitamin b6 is for calming the nerves and a 100 mg. tablet (or 50 mg.) at night with a warm glass of milk, is good for calming the nerves after taking a potent fat burner earlier in the day if I can’t sleep. Sometimes I do additional exercise at night if I can’t sleep. Looking up ways (on the Internet) to sleep at night after taking potent fat burners is a good technique, but if any fat burner does not go well with your metabolism then continue not taking it because everyone’s body chemistry may not go well with certain products.

      Ernest Ivy
      October 7, 2014 at 3:29 pm

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