Xenadrine Ripped Review

According to Cytogenix Labs, makers of Xenadrine Ripped, this “new maximum hardcore liquid formula is designed to help you lose weight to reveal the razor-sharp definition in the hard-earned muscle you’ve trained for.”  

It’s no secret then that Xenadrine Ripped is designed for bodybuilders. There are a few studies cited by the company to back up its claims of being able to promote weight loss due to a “key ingredient”, but the details are a little vague.

Is it strong enough to help you lose weight?

Ingredient Information

As for the “key” ingredient these studies refer to, it is a blend of:

Lady’s Mantle – a diuretic
Olive Leaf – rich in antioxidants, may lower blood pressure
Cumin seed – also known as a diuretic
Horse Mint – most commonly known as a treatment for gas and possibly headaches

As for why this particular blend in Xenadrine Ripped would cause significant weight loss, there is no scientific basis, but the formula does also contain caffeine, so it is likely your answer lies there.  Here’s the rest of the ingredient list:

Vitamin Blend – Vitamin C (7 mg), Thiamine (0.3 mg), Riboflavin (0.34 mg), Niacin (4 mg), Vitamin B6 (0.40 mg), Vitamin B12 (1.2 mcg), Pantothenic Acid (2 mg), Calcium (50 mg)

Cytodyne RFA-X Blend – 434.00 mg

Primostim – Inositol, L-Lysine HCl,Caffeine Anhydrous,Trans-resveratrol, 13N-Dipropyl-7-Proparhylxanthine, Guggul, 35cAMP (35Cycic Adenosine Monophosphate) 5′ -UMP (Uridine-5′ -Monophosphate), Toothed Clubmoss, Supra-Amine Apple geranium, L-ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate HCl, Serenoa repens fruit

Arimicut –  Lady’s Mantle, Olive Leaf, Cumin seed, Horse Mint

Ampli FX – L-Histidine, GABA, Medicago sativa

Myodrene Ripped – Ptychopetalum olacoides bark, Ginkgo biloba

Xenadrine Ripped Side Effects

Side effects may include dehydration, headache, nausea and some restlessness if you are not used to caffeine.

Xenadrine Ripped Policies

Sold through online retailers and some outlets like GNC, Xenadrine Ripped usually comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Xenadrine Ripped Lowest Price

Selling for $48 from GNC, we haven’t seen anything lower that also includes at least a basic guarantee on unopened bottles.  This is a rather high price for a month’s supply of something that only delivers about a half gram of ingredients per dose.

Does Xenadrine Ripped Work?

The two “clinical” studies that the makers of Xenadrine Ripped use to support its effectiveness include:

Study 1 – The most impressive study by far showed over 12 weeks that test subjects taking the “key ingredient” lost about 21 pounds as compared to 2 pounds with placebo. The study included only 29 people.

Study 2 –  An eight week trial showed weight loss of 16.5 pounds as compared to 1.73 pounds with placebo. There is no indication about how many people participated in this trial though it is noted that it was paid for by the makers of Xenadrine Ripped.

Clearly these are not un-biased scientific studies, but the weight loss is promising.  Customer reviews of Xenadrine Ripped aren’t particularly impressive and there aren’t any peer-reviewed studies to support its effectiveness. Also, with a price that isn’t too budget friendly it may not be the most cost-effective way to lose weight, but you may lose a few pounds on it if you’re willing to pay the extra dollar.

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