Xenamine Review

InnerVital makes several diet pills and Xenamine is advertised as their #2 product. This fact intrigued me the first time I saw it. I wanted to know why InnerVital thinks so highly of Xenamine. I also wanted to find out why Xenamine isn’t #1. So, I researched this diet pill thoroughly. I hope my analysis helps you decide if Xenamine is worth trying.

Xenamine Pros

• Money back guarantee
• Proven ingredients
• No prescription needed

Xenamine Cons

• No unbiased customer reviews
• Dosages are not shown
• May cause side effects
• Low value

Money Back Guarantee

Most companies don’t accept returns–let alone opened bottles–but InnerVital does. If you return Xenamine within 45 days, you’ll get a refund. You can return 1 opened and any unopened bottles. The return package must include your order number and full shipping address. Shipping charges are not refunded and a small handling fee applies.

The 45-day guarantee is only available on Xenamine.com. InnerVital.com has a 30-day guarantee.

What Ingredients Are in Xenamine?

The following are the active ingredients in Xenamine. Chromium and caffeine dosages are shown. But the remaining ingredients are blended together and only the total (580 mg) is shown.

• Chromium (100 mcg)
• Caffeine (200 mg)
• Hoodia Gordonii
• Magnolia Bark
• Glucomannan
• Green Tea
• Theobromine
• Guarana
• Cha de Bugre
• Maca Extract
• L-Theanine
• Banaba
• Guggulsterone

Of these ingredients, only 6 are clinically proven in human studies:

Chromium – normalizes glucose levels and suppresses carbohydrate cravings.[1]

Caffeine – increases energy, promotes thermogenesis, and lessens cravings.[2]

Glucomannan – fills you up faster and keeps you full for longer.[3]

Green Tea – burns fat, lowers blood sugar, and boosts energy.[4]

Guarana – lessens fatigue and enhances concentration.[5]

Guggulsterone – reduces bad (LDL) cholesterol levels.[6]

Obtaining Xenamine

As a natural supplement, Xenamine is not FDA regulated. So, it’s available to everyone over age 18 without a prescription.

I don’t know if Xenamine is sold in stores. But it is available on these secure sites:

• eBay.com
• Xenamine.com
• InnerVital.com

Customer Reviews

No one knows how well Xenamine works better than users. Unfortunately, I cannot find any unbiased user reviews. There is one positive review on Xenamine.com. But reviews on official websites are rarely neutral.

If user reviews were available, they would show…

• How fast Xenamine works
• If it works at all
• What side effects it might cause
• Whether or not users like it
• The best way to get results

Why Are Dosages Important?

I know Xenamine has safe chromium and caffeine dosages because I can see them. The caffeine dosage is also proven effective. However, I can’t see the other ingredient dosages. It’s important to see dosages so I can know if they are safe and effective.

Side Effects

Besides 200 mg of caffeine, Xenamine has green tea and guarana, which contain caffeine. If large green tea and guarana dosages are included, users are more likely to experience:

• Headaches
• Feelings of being wired
• Dizziness
• Insomnia
• Rapid heart beat
• High blood pressure

How Much Does Xenamine Cost?

Xenamine.com has the lowest price at $33.97 per bottle. EBay.com comes second with $35.99, although the price may not last. Finally, InnerVital.com sells Xenamine for $39.98.

Since Xenamine has so few proven ingredients, I think it’s overpriced. If you have $30-$40 to spend, you can find diet pills with better ingredients.

Should You Buy Xenamine?

Xenamine may be better than other InnerVital diet pills. But I don’t think it’s a top-rated diet pill. It needs more proven ingredients and safe, effective dosages. I would also like to see dozens of customer reviews. Xenamine is guaranteed, so you can try it risk free. But I recommend saving your money. Buy a diet pill with a better formula that gives you your money’s worth.


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